Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27 Talkin' Tourism: A focus on Hobe Sound

This week’s show was as promised, a great mix of topics, “chit chat and chatter” and no one “spilled all dar’ beans.”

Guest Jennifer Ferrari, executive director of the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce, did an excellent job of describing how all five Martin County Chambers of Commerce work together in their respective areas to insure that their tourism related member business are on the forefront of the effort to promote the county and the Treasure Coast as a great destination.

Factoids: 95% of Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce members have 5 or less employees; Polo has arrived in Hobe Sound and the first polo match was played yesterday…look out Wellington!

Jennifer brought to the show one of her Chamber members, Ms. Susan Hanson. Ms. Hanson is an artist who owns a gallery in Hobe Sound called Pluto in Leo. Susan started painting “Full Moons” from Hobe Sound Beach. Learn what is known as a Blue Moon! Ms. Hanson is also a psychic and conducts Tarot Card readings.

Jennifer stayed on the air during the second half of the show and added more 'spice' to the callaloo.

Host Gary Guertin and co-host Robin Hicks-Connors touched on all the “Pre-Show Blog” topics and more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy another episode of Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast. (Audio file to be posted soon!)
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