Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Great Destinations Take the Spotlight

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, the Talkin’ Tourism team of host Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connor shared lots of good information about two great destinations.

First up was Kristen Mitchell Hughes, Vice-President of Tourism Marketing for the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The conversation brought back some great memories for 'Radio Man' (Gary) after spending so many summers on Cape Cod in his “younger days”.  Robin had some fond memories of time spent in Chatham as well.  Do you know about Quahog Day coming up on June 20th?  Pretty amazing what tourism professionals will come up with.  Why does so much ice cream get consumed in new England?  Kristen had the answer.  From the Outer Beach, to Nantucket Sound to Cape Cod Bay, on the Cape there is a beach for everyone!

Next, we moved on to the Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort on Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. General manager Kor Dormans shared the history of the resort and all of the great things to do while on Grand Bahama Island. Some of these included Garden of the Groves, SCUBA diving, great fishing, shopping, casinos and a whole lot more. The best part is that Grand Bahama Island is so close to the Treasure Coast.  Is there golf?  Absolutely!

Grand Bahama Island has lots to offer, not to mention the great roast conch at Tony Macaroni’s Conch Experience on Taino Beach to gourmet dining at the Flying Fish Restaurant. What are you waiting for? See you there soon!

It was a great show with lots of cool summer vacation information. As always, thanks for listening in!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for "fun in the sun" from Cape Cod to Grand Bahama!

Kor Dormans, the general manager of the Ocean Reef
Yacht Club & Resort will share  this week what's happening on
Grand Bahama and describe his south shore Grand Bahama
resort, accommodations and amenities.
Well now that Memorial Day has passed it's on to summer (which officially begins June 20 in the Northern Hemisphere) and time for fun in the sun!

Many South Floridians have their roots in the Northeast and many spent summer time on Cape Cod. To get a sense for the upcoming tourist season on “The Cape” Talkin’ Tourism will have the pleasure of speaking with Kristen Mitchell Hughes, the Vice President of Tourism Marketing of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Cape is blessed with hundreds of miles of pristine beaches, great fishing, unique history and culture, and some of the best fried clam rolls and lobster salad rolls known to man (or woman).  Are there any great deals happening?  Talkin’ Tourism wants to know.

From the north we will also travel to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island to catch up with Kor Dormans, General Manager of the Ocean Reef Yacht Club & Resort, a great resort and marina facility. Kor will also share what special opportunities await the prospective visitor to Grand Bahama Island as well as things to do, places to go and people to meet.

The voting is done and Talkin’ Tourism will reveal which town in America was vote the Ultimate Fishing Town.  You may be surprised as to where the number one fishing town is located and how many votes they received. (No, Stuart, the "Sailfish Capital of the World" did not win).

Fishing tournament wrap-ups and what’s ahead in the coming weeks for angler,s as well as fun events and activities for locals and visitors alike, will round out the hour.

Join us Friday, June 1, at 10:05 a.m. on WPSL 1590 AM or on your computer at

Monday, May 28, 2012

Let the summer begin: Memorial Day Weekend, planning for the Fourth of July and travel tipping!

Talkin' Tourism co-host Robin Hicks-Connor with Stuart Main
Street manager Thondra Lanese.

On a beautiful start of the Memorial Day Weekend, Talkin’ Tourism’s Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connor were certainly in the mood to “let the summer begin”!  After chatting about the week’s past activities, including the "Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing Seminar!" that was held at Pirates Cove Resort and Marina and the recently completed Francis Langford Memorial Fishing Tournament, the travel-talk duo had a lively conversation with guest Thondra Lanese, the manager of Stuart Main Street.

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and the planning of this year’s celebration is well underway.  The more important topic was that Stuart Main Street is teaming with the Historic Stuart Downtown Business Association to create an even bigger event for 2013.  Downtown Stuart has certainly become a major waterfront destination over the years, offering residents and guest a wide assortment of dining options, waterfront entertainment, theater, shopping, art galleries, museums and more. This is so important to our year-round tourism initiatives. Great work Thondra!

Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, Gary and Robin wanted to ensure listeners celebrated responsibly and knew about the Tow and Go program, a partnership between AAA and Budweiser.  The tow trucks can only take two people home at time for this program, so if your group has more than two people who need assistance, have a "Plan B" because you will have to make other arrangements to get a group home safely.

With vacation season here, Gary challenged Robin and Thondra to a little quiz about proper tipping. In case you want to quiz your family and friends, here's the link to the quiz so that you can see how much your family and friends know about tipping.

Thanks for joining Talkin' Touism this week. See you next Friday!

Here's the link to this week's Talkin' Tourism Memorial Day Weekend Tribute audio file.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Silver Airways, fishing fun, and Memorial Day Weekend Travel forecasts from AAA

TCBA Executive Director Maddie Williams
with Talkin' Tourism producer and hos
Gary Guertin.

With the summer boating season at hand, there are a slew of fishing tournaments slated for the Treasure Coast (and Beyond).  Maddie Williams, the executive director of the Treasure Coast Builders Association (TCBA), joined Talkin' Tourism hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors in the Sailfish Marina studio to give an update on the big TCBA Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Tournament coming up.  There have been a number of changes to this Treasure Coast fishing tradition and Maddie outlined them for our listeners.

Spreading our wings (so to speak) special guest call-in Matthew Holliday, VP of Sales and Marketing for newly formed Silver Airways based in Ft. Lauderdale, gave our listeners an update on new services to the Family Islands and, believe it or not, service to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island from Palm Beach, Florida!

For those looking for a great and cost effective way to travel to North Eleuthera, Bimini, Abaco, or George Town, Exuma you may want to check Silver Airways out. According to Matthew, the number of planes in the fleet will increase over the coming year with service to additional islands. (APPLAUSE!)

Lots of other fun and tropical conversation ensued afterwards, including some great statistics provided by AAA Auto Club South on predicted Memorial Weekend travel.  The economy may be challenged but lots of people will be taking trips over the holiday weekend…about 34 million of them!

Thanks for listening and tuning in each and every week. If you missed this week's show, here's the Silver Airways, Fishing Fun and Who's Traveling Memorial Day Weekend audio file for your listening pleasure!

"See you" next week!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Better in The Bahamas, Traveling with Kids, and Fishing Fun!

So, you want to travel to one of the Family Islands in The Bahamas. If traveling by air, there are many options—private charter, shared charter, regular airline, seaplane and more. This week special call-in guest Matthew Holliday, Vice-President of Marketing and sales of Silver Airways, will let listeners know more about "his" airline, Silver Airways (a newly formed company evolving from the old Gulfstream International Airlines based in Ft. Lauderdale) and the company's increased focus on the Family Islands.

Heck, anyone can fly to Nassau or Grand Bahama but what’s the best way to fly to Governor’s Harbour. Eleuthera, Treasure Cay, Abaco or Bimini?  Talkin’ Tourism has a lot of questions for Matthew, including what kind of planes does the company use, are there any specials and promotions happening right now that might fuel "island fever?" So whether you “fly to the boat”, fly to a "second home” or simply seek some quality time “on island,” you won't want to miss this segment.

Although summer will soon arrive, there are still flocks of visitors headed this way. Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin has acquired some great statistics from AAA Auto Club South about what to expect for summer travel. We promise you'll find the facts very interesting!

Do your summer plans involve traveling with young children? We'll have a few tips that'll help your journey be smooth sailing all the way.

There are still more summer fishing tournaments headed our way, and we'll have representatives from one of those---the Treasure Coast Builders Association Annual Memorial Weekend Fishing Tournament---in the studio to outline all the fun of this very popular Treasure Coast tradition.

And if that's not enough, there will be lots of other great info in this show, as well as a special offer the ladies in our audience may want to take advantage of, so listen in!

The fun begins at 10:05 a.m. tomorrow (Friday, May 18). Catch the show on radio at WPSL 1590 AM or on your favorite Internet browser at

What's Tourism Mean on the Treasure Coast?

Can you tell what Rozeta Mahboubi thinks about tourism?
Talkin’ Tourism was in the thick of the 4th Annual Treasure Coast Business Summit held at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center. The place was packed! With WPSL 1590AM owner Greg Wyatt serving as the engineer and co-host Robin Hicks-Connor back after a two week “break,” the show focused on Treasure Coast tourism.

Guests Rozeta Mahboubi, executive director of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Charlotte Bireley, the tourism manager for the St. Lucie County Tourism Development Council, gave listeners a great overview on the importance of tourism here on the Treasure Coast.

Talkin' Tourism hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connor
with tourism warriors Rozeta Mahboubi and Charlotte Bireley.
What made the show special was that the week of May 7 through May 13th was National Travel and Tourism Week. Both ladies shared what special activities and events took place in their respective county to commemorate tourism.

Rozeta was particularly pleased with the results of a new video created for the Martin County Convention and Vistors Bureau (see below).

Lots of great information was shared, including highlights from Robin’s recent visit to Epcot, changes at the Bimini Big Game Club, an update on Treasure Coast fishing tournaments, and lots more.

Thanks for tuning in. See you again on Friday, 10:05 a.m. on WPSL 1590AM or at!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Road Again: Treasure Coast Business Summit

Talkin’ Tourism will be on the road Friday. We were invited to broadcast live from the 4th Annual Treasure Coast Business Summit, which is being conducted at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center.

This annual event brings together small and mid sized business, along with a host of great speakers and informative seminars.  As we know, tourism, the overall largest employer globally, plays a  very important role in the attraction of new businesses to a community or region. Talkin' Tourism show hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors hope to grab interviews with attendees and some of the guest presenters. Speakers include former Florida Senate President Ken Pruitt, credit industry expert Douglas Muir, Greta Schultz, president of West Palm Beach based Schultz Business SELLutions, entrepreneur Michael Altshuler, TD Bank regional president Kevin Gillen, and's vice president of technology Greg Bray.

To complete the business package, this week National Travel and Tourism Week has been being celebrated around the county.  Representing the Treasure Coast will be Rozeta Mahboubi, the executive director of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau and Charlotte Bireley, the tourism manager for the St. Lucie County Tourism Development Council.

All the usual (and sometimes unusual) show features will be there as well, including upcoming activities, Bahamas updates and more so tune in tomorrow (Friday, May 11) at 10:05 am on WPSL 1590 am or the live stream at

See you in the morning!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Reefs, Blind Boat Challenges, Boat Races, Fight Like a Girl and Flying Turtles

A Tipsy Turtle! Image credit:
Talkin' Tourism Friends and Fans:

Over the last month and a half, Four Little Birds, LLC "has been as busy as a one-armed…..", well you get the drift.

With the acquisition  of the Treasure Coast edition of Coastal Angler Magazine in mid February, Four Little Birds, LLC has focused diligently on the improvement of the magazine.  As a result, we were a little behind in getting the pre-shows and post show wrap-ups posted to the blog.

So, with our apologies, here is a quick update on the most recent Talkin’ Tourism shows March 30th through May 4th  for your listening pleasure.

On the March 30th show, James Oppenborn, St. Lucie County Coastal Resources Supervisor, gave our listeners some great information on the continued deployment of nearshore and offshore reef habitat. It was truly fascinating to hear how quickly these resources create new sources of recreation for anglers and divers. Also, it was super to hear about all of the volunteer support they have for this special mission.

Moving along to the April 6th show, listeners were treated to a very special call in guest from Nassau, Bahamas.  Jerome Thompson, founder and president of Bahamas Disability Adventures, a passionate warrior for promoting awareness of the potential of persons with disabilities, shared details of an event planned for July 7th – The Blind Boat Challenge International. (We have since learned that the event has been postponed to a later date this Fall so watch for future details).  Other fun topics included info about “Bird” a new member of the Guertin flock, the Vero Beach Boat Show, Hook Kids on Fishing Seminars and new rules for accommodations regarding persons with disabilities.

The April 13th show was all about the return of the Stuart Sailfish Regatta, guests Sergio Nativi and Blair Pontek gave all of the info listeners needed to know about the return of powerboat racing in Martin County.

Moving along to April 20th, the Talkin' Tourism Team launched a new feature of the show. With the summer boating season around the corner, the Islands of the Bahamas are a natural destination, to promote the Treasure Coast/Bahamas connection, each week we have a Bahamian property as a call-in guest on the show. The April 20th show featured Mike Weber, general manager of the Bimini Big Game Club/Outpost Resort. Thank for all of the information Mike! We're certain lots of Treasure Coast residents and visitors will be headed to Bimini this summer!

The month of April flew by! On April 27th, it was time to have the Stuart Sailfish Club start promoting their upcoming Ladies Tournament--Fight Like a Girl, one of the longest running ladies tournaments around.  Char Griggs, executive director of the Stuart Sailfish Club and tournament committee member Jody Fogel, were more than happy to give us the history of the tournament and a view as to the role the Stuart Sailfish Club played in the early days of tourism promotion in Martin County.  Thanks ladies!

This show's Bahamas Update feature allowed us to feature Althea Johnson, reservations manager at the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO) located on Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. For those diving enthusiasts wanting great diving in gin clear water with a wide variety of dive sites and experiences, look no further.

And, finally last week, May 4th we had a special guest co-host:  Talkin’ Tourism co-producer and Coastal Angler Magazine Treasure Coast and Bahamas co-publisher Misti Guertin had a chance to spend time on the air with show host and husband “Radio Man”.  What is HEW?  Misti will tell you all about it and more. Lots of fishing tournaments headed our way so listen to the show and pick the events you’ll be fishing.

We also had a great conversation with Molly MacIntosh (Director of Sales) and Lynn Johnson (General Manager), from Green Turtle Club and Marina, located on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Bahamas.  Abaco is  a Treasure Coast “magnet” this time of year so we hope that their information will get you excited about heading to Abaco. Need a great dockage deal? They've got it! And, "Do Turtles Fly?" But of course, and no, we weren't drinking rum or Tipsy Turtle concoctions. Check out the show to get all the insider information that will make Abaco one of your favorite summer destination spots this year!

So, now you are all caught up.  Lots of great shows and great guests.

Promise we will stay on track going forward. Look for the pre-show for this Friday’s show soon.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Reefs: Artificial and Oyster

Artificial reefs create habitats for all kinds of sea life
and provide a playground for anglers and diving enthusiasts.
Photo credit: University of Florida (

There is no question that our Treasure Coast nearshore and offshore resources play a huge role in our regions overall tourism product. Our reef systems, coastal environments, lagoon and river habitats all provide significant recreation for outdoor enthusiasts of every variety.

Over the years, the creation of artificial reefs has enhanced these nearshore resources by creating new habitat for fish, coral and many other sea creatures. Artificial reefs have been studied worldwide for their effectiveness and to determine the best (and safest) materials to use to construct them.

This week, James Oppenborn, St. Lucie County Coastal Resources Supervisor, will be our featured guest.  St. Lucie County begins the deployment of four artificial reefs starting next week. These new reefs will create new fishing areas and also provide great diving.

In the near shore arena, an oyster reef deployment begins on Saturday. Jim will share with us his views on the economic importance of these program and efforts.

With Easter only a couple of weeks away, we are definitely at the height of our winter visitor season.  There are still plenty of great things to do, places to go and fun to be had on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and beyond).  Tune in once again this week and share the fun with Gary and Robin as they spend an hour Talkin’ Tourism and giving listeners a rundown on things they won't want to miss this week and in the coming weeks.

The fun begins at 10:05 a.m.. Tune to your radio dial to WPSL 1590 AM or tune in from you computer at

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Approaching Treasure Coast Events: Hook Kids on Fishing, No-License Fishing Days, Stuart Sailfish Regatta

It is a rare show indeed when History Lady and Radio Man go it alone without a guest but that is exactly what happened as planned and promoted in our pre-show lineup

Some of events and activities that the crew talked about during the show are now in the history books but there are plenty of things coming our way that you can learn about by downloading the show.  Some of those include what days in the coming months you can fish without a license (fresh and saltwater), how famed artist and conservationist Guy Harvey is helping Florida education, Hook Kids on Fishing clinics along the Treasure Coast, the Stuart Sailfish Regatta, and a whole lot more!  Here's the link to hear it all first-hand.

The winter visitor season is in full swing for the next couple of weeks and for those Talkin' Tourism fans or "newbies" who are here for only a few weeks, even when you return home you can be back on the Treasure Coast by catching the show every Friday at 10:05 a.m. streaming live at

Friday, March 23, 2012

Arts, Boats, Oysters, Fishin' & Guy Harvey FL Lottery Scratch-Off Collector Series

Guy Harvey (center) with Florida Lottery Secretary
Cythia O'Connell and Florida Wildlife Commission's Chuck Collins
at a press conference held on the opening day of the
Palm Beach International Boat Show.
PHOTO CREDIT: Coastal Angler Magazine.
This week, Radio Man and History Lady will do something a little different and actually be the guests of their own show. With so much going on along the Treasure Coast and in Palm Beach to our south, buckle in and hang on for today's ride because this is going to be a fast one!

So what will the dynamic tourism duo cover today? How about Arts Fest, the 27th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, the Vero Beach Boat Show, the Ft. Pierce Oyster Fest, and the approaching Stuart Sailfish Regatta.

Did you know Florida's Governor has set aside four days when you can fish without a fishing license. Hint, hint: one of those days falls close to Father's Day.

And, what new initiative is famed artist and conservationist Guy Harvey involved in? Talkin' Tourism's co-producer Misti Guertin was on hand for the press conference yesterday at the Palm Beach International Boat Show where the new initiative was unveiled. More details (photos and video links) to come.

And with all the "fish and boating talk", if time permits, Gary will tell listeners about three great Hook a Kid on Fishing clinics, designed for kids from ages 6 to 16, coming up next month in Hobe Sound, Fort Pierce and Sebastian, all in celebration of Earth Day

Tune in today (WPSL 1590 AM or at 10 a.m. for another informative and entertaining edition of Talkin’ Tourism.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Talkin' Tourism in Hobe Sound at Harry & the Natives

Talkin' Touism co-host Robin Hicks-Connor, with show guests
Harry MacArthur and Jan Otten, and  Talkin' Tourism
host and co-producer Gary Guertin.
Talkin’ Tourism has been known to “walk on the wild side” from time to time and our visit to one of Martin County, Florida’s iconic visitor attractions was definitely one of those times.

Doing a remote broadcast from Harry and the Natives, a restaurant, gift shop, former motel, and all around local hangout was a very special treat. As usual, owner/operator Harry MacArthur was his gracious self and was most accommodating (even personally taking, cooking and serving Robin’s coconut pancake breakfast which she ate during the second half of the show).

There were certainly many stories to tell since the establishment has been a part of Hobe Sound since 1941.  Harry’s mom and dad bought the property in 1952 and his mom Pauline, at 95 years young, still goes to work every day.

There are many reasons why such places across Florida (and the world for that matter) withstand the test of time.  When you listen to the show you will hear some great stories and get a glimpse into what makes Harry MacArthur and Harry and the Natives so unique.

Also joining us on the show was Ms. Jan Otten, the director of member services for the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to letting us know what is happening in Hobe Sound these days, she also was very passionate about what makes Hobe Sound such a tight-knit community.

It was a great show, filled with great guests, and even a downpour in the middle of the show did not dampen the enthusiasm and fun.

Check out the photo album of Harry and the Natives to see the definition of “eclectic”!

Thanks for listening enjoy the show. If you liked it, share the link with a friend or two!

Here's the audio file!

And here's the Harry & the Natives photo album:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Live in Hobe Sound from Harry & the Natives

Photo credit: Perrin Post, Conde Nast,

Every tourism destination has one or more very special tourism gathering holes: iconic establishments that have been providing unforgettable hospitality (and experience) to guests and visitors for generations. While many business may come and go, the very best withstand the test of time, having “the right stuff” to keep guests and visitors entertained and coming back again and again.

This week, Robin and Gary will be broadcasting live from one of those very special places: Harry and the Natives, (the only waterfront restaurant...when it rains) located in the village of Hobe Sound). Jack and Pauline MacArthur bought the restaurant in 1952. This family owned and ran establishment has one of the greatest histories imaginable. The influences were many over the years. Today, Jack and Pauline's son, Harry MacArthur, is chef and the operator of Harry and the Natives. This restaurant, motel, gift ship and attraction (yes, all rolled into one) is truly a one-of-a-kind Florida gem. You will truly enjoy our conversation with Harry as he describes the evolution of his parent’s passion for guest service and adaptation to the changes that came their way. To sum it up, their story could be classified as sort of a modern-day Jonathan Dickinson journal.

Stepping back into more modern times, a special Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce VIP (who will it be?) will join this week's show to describe how modern day Hobe Sound is evolving with the times.  Located just across the Intracoastal Waterway from one of the richest zip codes in the good old United States—Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound—has managed to retain its quaint, quiet and unspoiled village atmosphere. There aren't many of these places left to discover. (Pssst! Abaco 007 say's "Don't tell anyone!")

What else is in store?  Frankly whatever Radio Man and History Lady feel like talking about because they are the hosts of the show and they can. So there! (How's that for attitude?)

Join the unpredictable duo this Friday (March 8) at 10 a.m. on WPSL 1590 AM or for another edutaining episode of Talkin’ Tourism.

Spring Training is in the Air!

When spring is in the air, you know that it is time for Talkin’ Tourism to check out the excitement in the air at Digital Domain Park in Port St. Lucie, Florida and broadcasting live from the Mets official radio broadcast booth high above the field is always a thrill.

We are always pleased to have Paul Taglieri, general manager and director of Florida operations for the New York Mets, along with Traer Van Allen, assistant general manager and assistant director of operations, as our special guests.  Paul shared with our listeners all the improvements visitors can expect to enjoy and the huge economic impact spring training has on the Treasure Coast.

Now more than ever, the stadium experience is a true 'family affair'. The Mets organization has renegotiated their lease agreement with St. Lucie County and they are here to stay to 2023!  Based on Paul’s comments, it would appear that spring training and baseball in general is a huge tourism promotion engine for St. Lucie County and the Treasure Coast region.

Traer shared ticket sales this year are running strong and talked about the great passion in the region for this loved Traer gave his forecasts on what game will draw the largest attendance?  If you missed his prediction, you can still hear it by listening to Talkin' Tourism's Spring Training show here.

Although baseball and spring training were the main topics of this week’s show, lots of other local and regional tourism snippets were also discussed, including upcoming events and activities you won't want to miss.

So ladies and gentlemen, grab a hot dog, peanuts, popcorn and your favorite baseball beverage. The team is ready to go, and so will you after listening to last week’s show.  Let’s play ball!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel Safety and Surfing from Sebastian to Stuart

Laura Passanisi, Justin Beard and Talkin' Tourism's Gary Guertin
ready to talk travel safety and surfing!
Laura Passanisi, from the Martin County Sherriff’s Department, was today's featured guest.  Laura, a law enforcement and crime prevention specialist, had a wealth of “common sense” information for persons that travel for both business and pleasure.  When do you place your valuables in the trunk of your car when going to the beach or other isolated location?  What should you do when returning to your hotel room after dark or entering into your room after checking in? Should you open the door for “room service” or “maintenance/housekeeping” knocking at your door? It may be common sense, but Laura really opened our eyes to making sure that we are aware of our surroundings when traveling.

The beaches, are one of the Treasure Coast's  greatest assets. Thousands upon thousands of visitors and locals alike enjoy the wide variety of beaches along the Treasure Coast. Justin Beard and Talkin’ Tourism host Gary Guertin had a blast checking out the surf breaks from Sebastian Inlet to Stuart.  While co-host Robin Hicks-Connors certainly loves the beach, she became a little lost with the surf lingo….shore break…close out….tube…wedge at Sebastian Inlet…Monster Hole…peak…single fin???? If you are a surf dude or dudettes, you’ll have it wired.

Last but certainly not least, Justin shared all the great details of the 4th Annual Single Fin Showdown scheduled for March 17th at Stuart  Beach, Florida.  Surfers from around Florida will be checking into this great event to benefit, which will benefit the United Way of Martin County!

Here's the Talkin' Tourism February 24th show file for your listening pleasure! 

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surf's Up!

For all of the surf dudes and dudettes out there in radio land, this week show hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors are hitting the beaches of the Treasure Coast. From Sebastian to Jupiter, the Treasure Coast has some of the finest beaches in Florida. We'll explore these with Ohana Surf Shop owner Jordan Schwartz and veteran surfer Justin Beard. Having lived the surfer life-style for years and actually moving to Florida from the chilly New England waters in search of the perfect wave (or at least warmer water), Radio Man surfed all of these beach years ago. Want to know the best surf breaks along the Treasure Coast?  What's the latest on the surfing scene? This week's show will reveal those answers and more!

Speaking of surfing, while we have Jordan and Justin in the studio, we'll give all the details of the 4th Annual Single Fin Showdown, taking place at Stuart Beach on March 17th.  This retro and popular surf contest has gotten bigger and better every year. What’s on tap this year? Based upon past showdowns, this event will continue to draw surfers and friends to Stuart from across the state.  We'll cover those points, along with the local non-profit that will benefit from the funds raised during the event. The last couple of years, Talkin’ Tourism's own Gary Guertin has been a judge. Will he judge again this year? Tune in for the scoop.

And, depending on the time, all the usual and sometimes unusual regular show features, upcoming events and more will be covered. If you are a local, thanks for supporting the tourism industry! And, if you are a visitor, thanks for spending time on Florida's Treasure Coast.

The fun begins on Friday at 10:05 a.m. You can catch the live radio broadcast on WPSL 1590 AM or you can catch the live Internet stream at Time to wax up. See you in the morning!

Eco-Education and Rediscovery

Ellie Van Os, the director of education and exhibits at
the Florida Oceanographic Society, on the docks of Sailfish Marina
with  Talkin' Tourism co-host Robin Hicks-Connors
There are times when you have a great guests, and then there are times when you have GREAT guests.  And Ellie Van Os, Director of Education and Exhibits for the Florida Oceanographic Society (FOS), was certainly a GREAT guest! As one of Martin County’s signature attractions, the Florida Oceanographic Society’s Coastal Center is the hallmark of eco-education tourism.  Ellie has had an amazing career, from leading polar bear expeditions to working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ellie has found her “perfect fit” with FOS.

Ellie updated Talkin' Tourism listeners with on all of the new features of the Coastal Center, as well as all of the educational outreach programs offered by the Society. There are many great programs you won't want to miss!

We asked how attendance has been at the Coastal Center so far this season and Ellie was pleased to report that attendance is at an all-time high. It is gratifying to know visitors from across the country want to learn about the importance of the stewardship of our ocean and coastal environments.  Let’s face it, where else can your children hand feed a stingray or observe gamefish, nurse sharks and sea turtles in a man-made replica of the Indian River Lagoon? The only place we know is the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center, unless you're planning to snorkel one of the world's great barrier reefs!

Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin also shared his “rediscovery” of the Treasure Coast as the new co-publisher of the Treasure Coast edition of Coastal Angler Magazine.  Although he's lived on the Treasure Coast for over 30 years, he shared some great insights that all long-timers too have an opportunity to re-discover.

The hour always flies, but co-host Robin Hicks-Connors and Gary managed to get in some Bahamas updates, information on great trip deals to Washington, Philadelphia and Boston aboard Gray Line Bus from New York, and much more.

If you missed the show, click here for the February 17 replay of Talkin' Tourism.

See you on Friday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oceans and Our Coastal Environments

The Florida Oceanographic Society (FOS), headquartered on Hutchinson Island in Stuart, Florida has been a vigilant advocate in promoting the stewardship of our ocean and coastal resources for several decades.  Now, with the continued expansion of the FOS Coastal Center, visitors and locals can learn more about  the importance of these precious resources.

This week , we welcome Ellie Van Os, the Director of Education and Exhibits for the Florida Oceanographic Society as our featured guest.  Talkin’ Tourism host Gary Guertin and co-host Robin Hicks-Connors want to help our listeners get caught up on what is new at the center. Some of our host's questions will include:

  • How attendance has been or not impacted in the current challenged economy?  
  • Is eco-education an important activity for visitors to the Treasure Coast?  
We know that Robin, former executive director of the Martin County Historical Society, and Ellie will have a lively conversation about “exhibits” and visitor interaction.

With host Gary and his wife Misti now the co-publishers of the Treasure Coast edition of Coastal Angler Magazine, in addition to the Bahamas edition, Gary will share his thoughts on his first week of “rediscovering” the Treasure Coast as the new co-publisher. Are there only strangers in this world, or just friends we haven’t met yet?

The rest of the show (if there is time) will feature select tourism topics from around the country and around the globe.  Did you know that Nik Wallenda has been given permission to tightrope across Niagara Falls, or how to visit the Freedom Trail in Boston from New York for only $149.00 per ticket? Listen in tomorrow (Friday, February 16) for these details and a whole lot more this week on Talkin’ Tourism!

If you're in listening range, tune your radio dial to 1590 AM. If you're any place in the world, you can still catch the show via your favorite Internet browser at The fun begins at 10:05 a.m. "See" you then!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nature and Old Florida Take Center Stage

Guests Rufus Wakeman and Chuck
Barrowclough with Talkin' Tourism
host Gary Guertin.
When you have two great guests it is not hard to have a great show!  Leading off this week was Chuck Barrowclough, the executive director of Treasured Lands Foundation.  The key reason why Chuck was on the show was to promote an event on February 26 that benefits the organization featuring award winning author Richard Louv.  Do you know what NDD (Nature Deficient Disorder) is?  You may want to check out this show and hear what Chuck has to say. We just hope it is not catchy. Also, you’ll find out why co-host Robin Hicks-Connors and Chuck spent the night together. Yes, spent the night together. Just remember, you read it here first!

Martin County is certainly blessed with a diversity of accommodations for visiting guests.  River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp owner Rufus Wakeman share with our listeners all of the amenities of this riverside gem.  Want a fun waterfront wedding?  They can do that. Want a taste of Old Florida?  You have to stay there!  The conversation quickly moved to the importance of inshore fishing in our region.  In the Bahamas, they say that every bonefish is worth $10,000.00.  So what do you think our regions snook, tarpon, redfish, trout and pompano are worth?  We know that Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World.  Could the Treasure Coast also be the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World?  By the way, do you know the difference between “inshore” fishing and “nearshore” fishing?  Tune into the show and you will know these little nuggets of fishing knowledge for your next cocktail party ice breaker.

Rounding out the show was of course more great Bahama updates and some special deals if you are headed to the islands any time soon.

What was the BREAKING NEWS that was to be revealed during the show? Let’s just say that there is now a bridge between the Islands of the Bahamas and Florida’s Treasure Coast!

Thanks for being a fan of the show. Here's the link to the February 10 Talkin' Tourism for those who wish to listen in again or for those of you who might have missed the live broadcast.

See you next week!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Inshore Fishing and Treasured Lands

The inshore fishing industry is just as powerful (if not more)
in terms of economic return. Learn more from guest
Rufus Wakeman, angler and owner of River Palms Cottages
and Fish Camp in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Photo courtesy of River Palms Cottages and Fish Camp.
This week, Talkin’ Tourism has the pleasure of speaking with Rufus Wakeman.  Rufus is the owner of River Palms Cottages and Fish Camp located in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Created in 1998, River Palms Cottages and Fish Camp is a very special and unique facility that provides guests with an “Old Florida State of Mind” experience.

The inshore fishing industry is a very strong part of the overall marine tourism component throughout Florida and many regions across the globe.  River Palms Cottages and Fish Camp has been instrumental in promoting the inshore fishery of the Jensen Beach/Treasure Coast area through numerous outdoor writers gatherings such as the DOA Lure Outdoor Writers Festival and the DOA Lures Paddlers event. While a lot of “ink” has been given to the sailfish sportfishing industry, the inshore fishing industry is just as powerful (if not more powerful) in terms of overall economic return. Talkin’ Tourism is thrilled to have Rufus share his knowledge with us and our listeners.

Keeping with the “outdoor/environmental theme” of the show, we are also pleased to have Chuck Barrowclough, executive director of the Treasured Lands Foundation, as an additional guest. Chuck is perhaps the most notable conservation and sensitive lands expert in the area.  Chuck will preview for our listeners an upcoming event featuring author Richard Louv. Mr. Louv is a journalist and author of eight books centering around the connection between family, nature and community.  In 2008, Louv was awarded the Audubon Medal, presented by the National Audubon Society. Where will this event take place?  You will have to listen to the show to get all of the details.

What else?  Well, Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin has some “BREAKING NEWS” regarding the continued development of the relationship between the Islands of the Bahamas and the Treasure Coast.
You will not want to miss the announcement!

"See you" from Sailfish Marina on Friday, (February 10) at 10:05 a.m. Catch the show on your radio dial on WPSL1590 AM or on your computer screen at

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tourism Leaders and Rebirths and It's Time for the Martin County Fair

Ed Griffith, show host Robin Hicks Connors
and Martin County Fair and Youth Livestock Show
spokesperson Darryl Magill.
It is always a pleasure having special guest co-host Ed Griffith on the show as a real guest.  To start things off, Ed shared with us the plans Ocean Properties. Inc. has for the former Holiday Inn on Hutchinson Island in Jensen Beach, Florida. After sitting idle since the hurricanes of 2004, there is now great excitement regarding the rebirth of this well-known property.  There are not very many oceanfront rooms in Martin County so the addition of 180 rooms on the ocean will certainly be a draw to the area.  We are looking forward to the detailed plans!

Martin County Fair and Youth Livestock Show spokesperson Darryl Magill could not be a better cheerleader for this great American tradition. In his words, he likes to use the acronym F.A.I.R.E. to describe all that can be found by attending this event.  Here it is folks:
  • F….is for family
  • A…is for agriculture
  • I…is for industry
  • R…is for recreation and
  • E…is for entertainment.  
Want more FAIRE details?  Check out the show's audio file and we know you’ll then be making plans to head on over to this year’s Martin County Fair.

There was a great three way conversation between the Talkin' Tourism heads---Gary, Robin and Ed---encompassing the growth in the leadership of the tourism industry in Martin County.  With new members on the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s board of directors and seasoned leadership, the continued growth and recognition of the importance of the hospitality is in good hands. 

So listeners and blog fans, download the February 3 Talkin' Tourism show and in addition to all the information above you're certain to pick up some tourism gems of wisdom only found on Talkin’ Tourism!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tourism Leader and off to the Martin County Fair

Having been involved with the promotion of the tourism industry in the Treasure Coast, Florida region for many years, Talkin’ Tourism host Gary Guertin has viewed the industry's revolution from a perspective few others in the area have experienced. One key aspect to the successful promotion of the hospitality industry in any region is leadership. This week, Talkin’ Tourism would like to introduce our listeners to Ed Griffith, the newly elected chairman of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Ed has an exceptional background in the tourism industry and a track record of proven leadership. A past president of the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Martin County Hotel/Motel Association, as well as involvement in countless other civic and community organizations over the years, Ed is the perfect leader to take the Martin County  Convention and Visitors Bureau and tourism in Martin County to the next level.  Join us to hear Ed’s thought and vision for the future.

There is one staple of Florida life (as well as in many other parts of the country) that has truly become a tradition.  That tradition is the local county fair. Martin County’s 53rd annual fair is just a little more than 1 week away. Darryl Magill, the chairman of the Entertainment Committee and the official spokesperson for the Martin County Fair and Youth Livestock Show, will be on the show to share how the fair fits into the community’s tourism fabric.

And, as usual, there will be lots of great tourism news and updates from around the block, as well as around the world!

Join us on Friday for another edition of Talkin’ Tourism. The fun begins at 10:05 a.m. and you can tune us in on WPSL 1590 AM or catch the live stream at We're looking forward to "seeing you" on the radio!

Hot Air Ballooning, Cruising and Sleuthing!

Debbie Mientus and Chris Sommers with Talkin' Tourism
host Gary Guertin.
Now, Radio Man and History Lady know just about everything you need to know about the sport and adventure of hot air ballooning!  Guests Debbie Mientus and Chris Sommers were very knowledgeable about their passion. Here is just a little about what we learned:

  • Despite being a hot air balloon pilot, Chris is afraid of heights…go figure. 
  • Chris has flown through every state in the country except Alaska and Hawaii.  
  • We also know why hot air balloon flying in the Bahamas isn't done and what happened a number of years ago when someone organize a “Bimini to Ft. Lauderdale” balloon race!  
Hopefully after this show you will definitely want to add a ride in a hot air balloon to your “bucket list”.

Lisa Higgins and Gary Smith from AAA Auto Club South
gave great insider information on cruising and a
Slueth's Mystery Day Trip to Orlando.
For those who are interested in learning the very best deals on cruises and tours, Gary Smith and Lisa Higgins from AAA Auto Club South definitely whet the appetite for taking a cruise. Besides cruising, Lisa, who is in charge of domestic travel, also gave us some great information on the Sleuth’s Mystery Day Trip to Orlando scheduled for Tuesday, February 28. This trip is being organized by AAA. Visit the AAA Auto Club South website for more information.

And for you Bahamas lovers, it's true! Bimini Sands Resort and Marina is now offering free five-day dockage under certain special conditions. If you missed the details, you can still pick them up by listening to last week's show.

See you on Friday with another edutaining hour filled with tourism news and tidbits you won't want to miss!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Up, Up and My Beautiful Balloon!

A lot is going on in the world of tourism for this week’s show. Want to get “up in the world”?  We do, so this week we will meet Deborah Mientus and Chris Sommers, owners of High On You Balloon Team, which is based in Port St. Lucie, FL and Allentown, PA. I know that many of us are in awe of this unique sport and adventure.  Floating high above the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the whim of the wind. Talkin’ Tourism loves uncovering the usual and not-so-usual things to do, places to go and people to meet.  Listen in if you want to learn more about this Treasure Coast adventure.

The sailfishing has been fabulous but, a Treasure Coast visiting fisherman has a great fish story. We have the details on a 510 pound swordfish that was recently caught in Treasure Coast waters.

The Department of Transportation recently put a new policy in place that will now eliminate all of those “hidden charges”.  Lean what protections this policy will provide air passengers. For those who travel on the ground, whether the price of gas will top $4.00 per gallon this summer is probably on your mind. We'll have the expert’s opinion for you.

AAA Auto Club South representatives Gary Smith and Lisa Higgins will be in the studio to share information about AAA's upcoming Annual Cruise & Tour Show slated for February 2 and the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Day Trip to Orlando coming up February 28. Listen in for all the details on these two fun events and more.

In addition to the topics and guests above, your hosts Gary and Robin will also touch upon some of the following:
  • Is there a new oceanfront hotel coming to Martin County?  
  • Is the St. Lucie Inlet dredge project ready to roll?  
  • Where can you keep your boat in the Bahamas for FREE for 5 days and what’s the catch?
All this and more on today's show, coming to you live on WPSL 1590 AM or at 10:05 a.m.! Hope you can join us, and the coffee pot is always on!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A schooner named "Lily"

Lily Capt. Fred Newhart, First Mate Jamie Miscoski
and Talkin' Tourism show host Gary Guertin.
One of the greatest benefits of hosting a tourism centric radio show each week is the opportunity to meet people who are passionate about what they do. Such was the case this week with our guests Capt. Fred Newhart and his first mate Jamie Miscoski, owners and operators of Treasure Coast Sailing Adventures. Lily, a 60 foot restored schooner, was the last of her kind built to carry commercial cargo.

Trading her cargo, Lily now carries guests on sailing tours along the St. Lucie River. Capt. Fred and First Mate Jamie were incredibly enthusiastic about their adventure, now in its second season. To learn how they acquired the vessel, restored the vessel and now provide a great Treasure Coast visitor experience, check out this week's audio file, it's all there!

In addition to "Lily", lots of tourism tidbits were shared on the show ranging from how not to be a pick-pocket victim as suggested by Bob Arno, The Pickpocket King, to Bahamas updates showcasing great deals from Bimini to Abaco, and a whole lot more.

Post-show note:  At the invitation of Capt. Fred and First Mate Jamie, Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin, show co-producer Misti Guertin, co-host Robin Hicks-Connors, friend Paul Nunley, took a sunset sail aboard Lily on Saturday. Everyone aboard had a great time! Enjoy the video and photos!

All aboard for Stuart Boat Show fun!

Chris Pollock, Gary Guertin Rick Allen, Robin Hicks-Connors,
Richard Treco, Bahamas Tourism office intern Ashley Knowles,
Rozeta Mahboubi and Donna Munroe post-show---all ready
for some boat show fun!
The Allied Marine Group conference room was packed with the Who’s Who of the marine tourism and Stuart Boat Show this week and the conversation was lively and engaging.  After introducing our host John Burkard, the president of Allsports Productions, Rick Allen, gave us a great rundown on what was in store for attendees at the 38th Annual Stuart Boat Show. Sharing in the conversation was John Smith, president of the Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast (MIATC). John shared his vision on what needs to occur to build the Treasure Coast's marine industry economy, as well as the industry's impact on marine tourism.  Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Rozeta Mahboubi got right to the heart of the importance of the boat show and its important role in consistently keeping Stuart on the map as a world-class harbour-front community. Interestingly, Rozeta came up with a new name for the Cross Florida Canal/Okeechobee Waterway---Florida's Panama Canal. Very fitting for the gateway connecting the Gulf Coast to the East Coast, The Bahamas and the eastern Caribbean.

With South Florida and the Treasure Coast being on the doorstep to the Islands of the Bahamas, Richard Treco and Donna Munroe from the Bahamas Tourist Office joined the show to spread the Bahamas good cheer.  Just what good cheer did they talk about?  All the great incentives the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has initiated to attract boaters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts of all types!  In addition, Donna also shared her passion for Grand Bahama Island, specifically sharing Grand Bahama is not just Port Lucaya and Freeport!  There are many unique and diverse attributes to the Islands of the Bahamas “Second City”.  And, special guest Chris Pollock, representing the Bimini Big Game Club, brought listeners up to speed on activity on Bimini and more.

Last but certainly not least, co-host Robin Hick-Connors made a very surprising and important announcement at the top of the show.  Described by others as an “adventure of a lifetime," Robin shared that on a recent fishing trip, she had caught (and released) her first sailfish. Check out the show audio (you can download the January 13 Stuart Boat Show edition here) to hear the details (and excitement) straight from Robin!

Thanks for being a Talkin' Tourism listener, and always feel free to suggest any great tourism topics you or others would like to hear more about.

Catch us next week, same time (10:05 a.m.), same channel (WPSL 1590 AM or, and more great fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuart Boat Show, Offers to Get You Boating to the Bahamas, and Marine Tourism

It's hard to believe it's already Stuart Boat Show time! Boy, does time fly when you are promoting tourism! (Gotcha! You expected "when you're drinking rum!")

As we did last year on the opening day of this Treasure Coast tradition, we are broadcasting from the offices of Allied Marine Group, located right in the heart of the show. Expected to draw great crowds of boating, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, we'll give our listeners an overview of what to see and the line-up of great guests will give the inside scoop on the show and special offerings you won't want to miss.

AllSports Productions and Stuart Boat Show producer Rick Allen will share his thoughts on this year’s show, comparing it to the last several shows. The economy is getting better (they say) and people still want to have boating fun. John Smith, Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast president, will give a marine industry state of affairs update for the Treasure Coast area and share the importance of marine industries to the area's economy. Rozeta Mahboubi, executive director of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau,  certainly understands the importance of marine related tourism to our area. If hotels are places where people sleep, marinas certainly are places where boats sleep. When you look at the numbers, there are probably more boat slips than hotel rooms in Martin County, so a lot of boats (and their owners) sleep in Martin County!

Of course a show would not be a Talkin’ Tourism show if it didn't have a Bahamas angle. Joining us from the Bahamas Tourist Office will be one of our favorite Bahamian ambassador's and a long time friend, Richard Treco. Richard will outline all the special offers available to boaters headed over to the Bahamas.

Then, drilling down to the “island level,” Christopher Pollock, member of the Bimini Tourism Advisory Board and representative of the Bimini Big Game Club, will share some thoughts on what the private tourism sector can do to support the efforts of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

The hour will be action-packed and informative, so hoist your anchor, trim your sails and tune your radio (WPSL 1590 AM) and Internet dials to Talkin' Tourism for a boat-load of information!

Bimini remote highlights and the return of power boat racing on the Treasure Coast

Lindsay Nickerson and Chuck Woodruff, who were on hand
this week to talk about a former Treasure Coast tradition
that is being rebirthed, are joined by Talkin' Tourism co-host
Robin Hicks Connors.
Back in the Sailfish Marina studio, as promised, show hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors provided a round up on all the activities and cool places enjoyed during last week’s broadcast from Bimini Sands Resort and Marina on South Bimini. From all indications, Robin, Paul, Gary, Misti, Lynne and Joe had a “I want to go back there” weekend.

If you caught the show you know what was Robin’s favorite place for whole fried snapper, whether she truly liked (or loved) Mackey’s Sand Bar, who’s conch salad rated the best (Fabian’s or Bonefish Ebbie’s), what kind of audio-visual equipment can be found at the End of the World Saloon, where is Koko Plums, whether $hanny really gave Misti a genuine Junkanoo hat and a whole lot more! There is lots to learn about the 'Best of Bimini' and it is all right here! If you need a reason for a Bahamian adventure, replay the show and be forewarned, you'll be booking a trip in no time flat!

The main guests this week were American Power Boat Association Hall of Fame Inductee and Jensen Beach resident Chuck “Rookie” Woodruff and Lindsay Nickerson. For those of you that are “short-timers” on the Treasure Coast, Chuck described the great history of the Stuart Sailfish Regatta and the early days of power boat racing in Martin County. Why? Because a vision of  Chuck’s is to reincarnate the Sailfish Regatta to the biggest and baddest powerboat racing event around! Lindsay, gave a precursor of what to expect over the planned two-day event. In addition to world-class, sanctioned powerboat racing, attendees will enjoy live music, children’s activities, food and drink, and more. The best part besides bringing back a Treasure Coast tradition, is that a portion of proceeds will benefit three local non-profits:  the U.S. Sailing Center, the Children’s Museum and the Maritime and Classic Boat Museum. 

Last, but not least, Gary covered the record-setting pace of some of the world’s top sailfish anglers participating in two Treasure Coast tournaments.  The number of sailfish released in only one day of fishing is CRAZY! The Treasure Coast definitely rests in “Sailfish Alley”!

If you missed the show, here's the audio link for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bimini Rewind and Power Boat Frenzy

If you missed the live broadcast from Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, you missed a great show! Radio Man and History Lady will be definitely doing a rewind of their Bimini New Year’s weekend.  From the End of the World Saloon, fried whole snapper at CJ’s, and fresh Bimini bread delivered by Santa to conch salad and ice cold Kalik’s at Stuart Conch Stand and Ebbie's Bonefish Club, flaming B52's at Mackey's Sand Bar, magic buses, and a wild Junkanoo rushout, you will hear all the details of another great Bahamas remote.

Is there the possibility of a revival of a great Stuart tradition right around the corner?  For Treasure Coast long timers, there are fond memories of the Sailfish Regatta Power Boat Races, which were produced by the SERTOMA Club. This former popular event drew thousands of spectators for over 20 years. Well, it appears that a dedicated group is working hard to bring back this great event. Our guests this week, Jensen Beach resident Chuck “Rookie” Woodruff, a member of the American Power Boat Association’s Hall of Champions, along with event planner Lindsay Nickerson, will unveil plans to bring back the roar of the engines.  Will they be able to pull it off? We will certainly be listening closely to what they have to say.

Talkin’ Tourism’s blog popularity brings lots of incoming tourism related emails from around the globe. Radio Man (a.k.a. show host Gary Guertin) will dig into the email folder and find some of the most interesting and unique tourism tidbits from the mailbag for your tourism edutainment.

See you at 10 a.m. Friday morning! You choose the platform:  WPSL 1590 AM on your radio dial or on your computer.

The perfect location for "Layin' Low in Bimini": Bimini Sands Resort and Marina

The Talkin’ Tourism team was thrilled to be “laying low in Bimini”—the "island in the stream" famous for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life—over the New Year’s Weekend. Bimini and Bimini Sands Resort and Marina was the place to be!

Our poolside studio location, overlooking the magical and healing waters of Bimini, could not have been better!  Frank Cooney Sr., president and CEO of Bimini Sands Resort and Marina, led off our great line-up of guests on the show. He shared with listeners the evolution of the resort and the challenges faced after Hurricane Wilma.  A sushi bar (Island Sushi) on the tiny island of South Bimini? Indeed! And the food in the fine cuisine Bimini Twist and the funky Mackey’s Sand Bar (this one complete with a sandy beach floor) under the direction of Chef Edison is Five Star (just ask Robin!). Mackey's Sand Bar is truly a Bimini hot spot, as, is it's sister-bar the outdoor Square Grouper Tiki Bar.

Although we didn't personally experience the Wednesday night Karaoke at Mackey's Sand Bar, this weekly event attracts guests, Biminites, and other Bahamians from South and North Bimini and beyond. And whenever the mood strikes, dancing on the bar here is allowed.

Bimini Big Sand's first class marina, offers fuel services, customs and immigration, a ship's store, free WiFi, golf cart rentals, restaurant, shower and laundry facilities, ice, and has every service and amenity the avid fishermen and boater may need.  The marina's floating docks, freshwater connections, and minimum 8-foot harbour makes this the perfect and comfortable 'home away from home' for any size vessel.

Looking for great eco-excursions? You can find what you are looking for (and more) at Bimini Sands!  Among the great excursions available is a dolphin expedition under the direction of Geoffrey Hanan at Dolphin Expeditions. Geoffrey’s clientele comes from around the globe for this unique adventure. How about great fishing?  Captain Rick Benitez, a Bimini Sands Marina guest, described the great wahoo fishing around the waters of Bimini and he had the photos to prove it.  Representing the Bimini Tourist Office was Antoinette Stuart. As you may know, Bimini is steeped in history. From the adventures of Ernest Hemingway, to the visits of Martin Luther King Jr., Port Royale’s notable resident Adam Clayton Powell and home to Mackey Airlines (which was later sold to Eastern Airlines) founder Joseph C. Mackey, Bimini has a colorful and rich history. Antoinette made the point that Bimini is certainly a destination for lovers of history and culture and the Ministry of Tourism continues to promote the islands famed history in addition to great boating, fishing and diving.  With Bimini so close to the U.S. mainland, it is truly the “Gateway to the Bahamas”.

The show was packed with lots of interesting tidbits, including a few Robin myth-busters, so sit back with a Goombay Smash, Bahama Mama, Kalik or your favorite boat drink and enjoy a mini-vacation to Bimini Sands Resort and Marina compliments of your favorite talk radio tourism show—Talkin’ Tourism! Here's the link to the Bimini Sands broadcast.

And be sure to check out our Bimini New Year's Adventure videos (coming soon) and photo album (below) to see and learn more about this 'Island in the Stream.' There's a mixture of fireworks, Junkanoo, a golf cart ride along Kings Highway on North Bimini, a visit to the Fountain of Youth, a walk through the Bimini Nature Trail (where visitors "Experience the Other Side of Bimini") the annual Burial Society's New Year's Day parade, magic buses, a birthday celebration, lots of local color and characters, and so much more!

Many thanks to Bimini Sands Resort and Marina and the entire Frank Cooney family for hosting the Talkin’ Tourism team for this Bahamian show. The hospitality was genuine, warm and absolutely first-class! WARNING---we will be back!

}, 10);