Thursday, March 8, 2012

Live in Hobe Sound from Harry & the Natives

Photo credit: Perrin Post, Conde Nast,

Every tourism destination has one or more very special tourism gathering holes: iconic establishments that have been providing unforgettable hospitality (and experience) to guests and visitors for generations. While many business may come and go, the very best withstand the test of time, having “the right stuff” to keep guests and visitors entertained and coming back again and again.

This week, Robin and Gary will be broadcasting live from one of those very special places: Harry and the Natives, (the only waterfront restaurant...when it rains) located in the village of Hobe Sound). Jack and Pauline MacArthur bought the restaurant in 1952. This family owned and ran establishment has one of the greatest histories imaginable. The influences were many over the years. Today, Jack and Pauline's son, Harry MacArthur, is chef and the operator of Harry and the Natives. This restaurant, motel, gift ship and attraction (yes, all rolled into one) is truly a one-of-a-kind Florida gem. You will truly enjoy our conversation with Harry as he describes the evolution of his parent’s passion for guest service and adaptation to the changes that came their way. To sum it up, their story could be classified as sort of a modern-day Jonathan Dickinson journal.

Stepping back into more modern times, a special Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce VIP (who will it be?) will join this week's show to describe how modern day Hobe Sound is evolving with the times.  Located just across the Intracoastal Waterway from one of the richest zip codes in the good old United States—Jupiter Island, Hobe Sound—has managed to retain its quaint, quiet and unspoiled village atmosphere. There aren't many of these places left to discover. (Pssst! Abaco 007 say's "Don't tell anyone!")

What else is in store?  Frankly whatever Radio Man and History Lady feel like talking about because they are the hosts of the show and they can. So there! (How's that for attitude?)

Join the unpredictable duo this Friday (March 8) at 10 a.m. on WPSL 1590 AM or for another edutaining episode of Talkin’ Tourism.

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