Saturday, March 10, 2012

Talkin' Tourism in Hobe Sound at Harry & the Natives

Talkin' Touism co-host Robin Hicks-Connor, with show guests
Harry MacArthur and Jan Otten, and  Talkin' Tourism
host and co-producer Gary Guertin.
Talkin’ Tourism has been known to “walk on the wild side” from time to time and our visit to one of Martin County, Florida’s iconic visitor attractions was definitely one of those times.

Doing a remote broadcast from Harry and the Natives, a restaurant, gift shop, former motel, and all around local hangout was a very special treat. As usual, owner/operator Harry MacArthur was his gracious self and was most accommodating (even personally taking, cooking and serving Robin’s coconut pancake breakfast which she ate during the second half of the show).

There were certainly many stories to tell since the establishment has been a part of Hobe Sound since 1941.  Harry’s mom and dad bought the property in 1952 and his mom Pauline, at 95 years young, still goes to work every day.

There are many reasons why such places across Florida (and the world for that matter) withstand the test of time.  When you listen to the show you will hear some great stories and get a glimpse into what makes Harry MacArthur and Harry and the Natives so unique.

Also joining us on the show was Ms. Jan Otten, the director of member services for the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to letting us know what is happening in Hobe Sound these days, she also was very passionate about what makes Hobe Sound such a tight-knit community.

It was a great show, filled with great guests, and even a downpour in the middle of the show did not dampen the enthusiasm and fun.

Check out the photo album of Harry and the Natives to see the definition of “eclectic”!

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