Friday, March 30, 2012

Reefs: Artificial and Oyster

Artificial reefs create habitats for all kinds of sea life
and provide a playground for anglers and diving enthusiasts.
Photo credit: University of Florida (

There is no question that our Treasure Coast nearshore and offshore resources play a huge role in our regions overall tourism product. Our reef systems, coastal environments, lagoon and river habitats all provide significant recreation for outdoor enthusiasts of every variety.

Over the years, the creation of artificial reefs has enhanced these nearshore resources by creating new habitat for fish, coral and many other sea creatures. Artificial reefs have been studied worldwide for their effectiveness and to determine the best (and safest) materials to use to construct them.

This week, James Oppenborn, St. Lucie County Coastal Resources Supervisor, will be our featured guest.  St. Lucie County begins the deployment of four artificial reefs starting next week. These new reefs will create new fishing areas and also provide great diving.

In the near shore arena, an oyster reef deployment begins on Saturday. Jim will share with us his views on the economic importance of these program and efforts.

With Easter only a couple of weeks away, we are definitely at the height of our winter visitor season.  There are still plenty of great things to do, places to go and fun to be had on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and beyond).  Tune in once again this week and share the fun with Gary and Robin as they spend an hour Talkin’ Tourism and giving listeners a rundown on things they won't want to miss this week and in the coming weeks.

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