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Reefs, Blind Boat Challenges, Boat Races, Fight Like a Girl and Flying Turtles

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Talkin' Tourism Friends and Fans:

Over the last month and a half, Four Little Birds, LLC "has been as busy as a one-armed…..", well you get the drift.

With the acquisition  of the Treasure Coast edition of Coastal Angler Magazine in mid February, Four Little Birds, LLC has focused diligently on the improvement of the magazine.  As a result, we were a little behind in getting the pre-shows and post show wrap-ups posted to the blog.

So, with our apologies, here is a quick update on the most recent Talkin’ Tourism shows March 30th through May 4th  for your listening pleasure.

On the March 30th show, James Oppenborn, St. Lucie County Coastal Resources Supervisor, gave our listeners some great information on the continued deployment of nearshore and offshore reef habitat. It was truly fascinating to hear how quickly these resources create new sources of recreation for anglers and divers. Also, it was super to hear about all of the volunteer support they have for this special mission.

Moving along to the April 6th show, listeners were treated to a very special call in guest from Nassau, Bahamas.  Jerome Thompson, founder and president of Bahamas Disability Adventures, a passionate warrior for promoting awareness of the potential of persons with disabilities, shared details of an event planned for July 7th – The Blind Boat Challenge International. (We have since learned that the event has been postponed to a later date this Fall so watch for future details).  Other fun topics included info about “Bird” a new member of the Guertin flock, the Vero Beach Boat Show, Hook Kids on Fishing Seminars and new rules for accommodations regarding persons with disabilities.

The April 13th show was all about the return of the Stuart Sailfish Regatta, guests Sergio Nativi and Blair Pontek gave all of the info listeners needed to know about the return of powerboat racing in Martin County.

Moving along to April 20th, the Talkin' Tourism Team launched a new feature of the show. With the summer boating season around the corner, the Islands of the Bahamas are a natural destination, to promote the Treasure Coast/Bahamas connection, each week we have a Bahamian property as a call-in guest on the show. The April 20th show featured Mike Weber, general manager of the Bimini Big Game Club/Outpost Resort. Thank for all of the information Mike! We're certain lots of Treasure Coast residents and visitors will be headed to Bimini this summer!

The month of April flew by! On April 27th, it was time to have the Stuart Sailfish Club start promoting their upcoming Ladies Tournament--Fight Like a Girl, one of the longest running ladies tournaments around.  Char Griggs, executive director of the Stuart Sailfish Club and tournament committee member Jody Fogel, were more than happy to give us the history of the tournament and a view as to the role the Stuart Sailfish Club played in the early days of tourism promotion in Martin County.  Thanks ladies!

This show's Bahamas Update feature allowed us to feature Althea Johnson, reservations manager at the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO) located on Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. For those diving enthusiasts wanting great diving in gin clear water with a wide variety of dive sites and experiences, look no further.

And, finally last week, May 4th we had a special guest co-host:  Talkin’ Tourism co-producer and Coastal Angler Magazine Treasure Coast and Bahamas co-publisher Misti Guertin had a chance to spend time on the air with show host and husband “Radio Man”.  What is HEW?  Misti will tell you all about it and more. Lots of fishing tournaments headed our way so listen to the show and pick the events you’ll be fishing.

We also had a great conversation with Molly MacIntosh (Director of Sales) and Lynn Johnson (General Manager), from Green Turtle Club and Marina, located on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Bahamas.  Abaco is  a Treasure Coast “magnet” this time of year so we hope that their information will get you excited about heading to Abaco. Need a great dockage deal? They've got it! And, "Do Turtles Fly?" But of course, and no, we weren't drinking rum or Tipsy Turtle concoctions. Check out the show to get all the insider information that will make Abaco one of your favorite summer destination spots this year!

So, now you are all caught up.  Lots of great shows and great guests.

Promise we will stay on track going forward. Look for the pre-show for this Friday’s show soon.

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