Monday, November 29, 2010

This week, LIVE from Old Bahama Bay!

Talkin’ Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond!) is once again focused on the “beyond” as the team crosses the Gulf Stream to Grand Bahama Island to bring you a show live from Old Bahama Bay, located at West End, on Grand Bahama Island.

With over 700 islands and cays and 100,000 square miles of pristine ocean and coastal environments, the Bahamian government knows that if the marine environment degrades so does their tourism industry. The Sustainable Tourism Division of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is responsible for helping to insure the protection of Bahamian waters and is the administrator of the Blue Flag Programme. Similar to the Clean Marina Program in the U.S., the Blue Flag Programme provides criteria and standards to guide those responsible for marinas, beaches and individual boater education.

Old Bahama Bay is a certified Blue Flag Marina. On all our live remotes, we always try to highlight the Treasure Coast connection. Here it is---located 68 nautical miles, West End, Grand Bahama is the closest marina to the Treasure Coast area for our Treasure Coast boaters to clear Bahamas Customs & Immigration.

Sustainable Tourism general manager Earlston McPhee will join the Talkin’ Tourism Team to explain in more detail the importance of this certification. Old Bahama Bay director of operations Nathan Moody, and other representatives of this beautiful resort, will describe in full detail the amenities and attributes of this world-class facility. Adding a little “local flavor” (literally) will be Tony “Macaroni” Hanna, Cacique Award Winner and owner/operator of Tony Macaroni’s World Famous Conch Experience. Who knows? Perhaps Tony will bring some of his tasty roast conch or conch salad. Yum!

An added bonus for this week's show is the first leg of the Bahamas Wahoo Championship is being held at Old Bahama Bay during the time we are there, so we’ll update you on the catches and progress of the tournament!!! Wahoooooo!!!!

See you from Grand Bahama Island this Friday morning!

Travel, life on the road, and tourism from the entertainers viewpoint

For the first time in recent history, the Elliott Museum was more like a comedy club than a museum! Guests Derek Richards, Michael “SPAZ” McGoorty and Loretta Grantham had Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin and guest co-host Ed Griffith in stitches! The show's theme was a “behind the scenes” perspective about life on the road for entertainers who contribute enormously to the overall tourism experience. While Gary had high expectations for the show with such great guests, even his expectations were exceeded! The show was filled with laughs, merriment and mayhem.

Some of the interesting fodor included Loretta and Derek’s most “off-the-wall” restaurant experience, which as a result of the error, resulted in a special menu item created in their honor! What about SPAZ? He shared what happened when he proceeded to the kitchen to find the manager with a broken table knife in his hand. If you listened to the show, you'll know whether he got a free meal or a one-way ticket to the local jail!

Some of you may think it's more “Christmasy” up north. You just may change your mind after hearing Derek’s opinion on what location is more "Christmasy."
On a more serious note, there was great conversation about the potential for entertainers to collaborate with local attractions and venues to boost tourism business, as well as the importance of the entertainment business to the tourism industry, and much more.

NEWS FLASH! During the show, Radio Man promised to give-away a four pack of tickets to the upcoming 37th annual Stuart Boat Show. Well, with all the hysteria of the show, Radio Man spaced-out and forgot to do the giveaway. So, here is the deal. You can still win the tickets by being the first to e-mail the correct answer to the following two-part question.

Here it is:  (1) From what island in the Bahamas was the November 19, 2010 show broadcast from AND (2) what is the full name of the resort/marina that hosted the show?

The first correct answer e-mailed to, picks up a four-pack of tickets to the Stuart Boat Show! It's that easy.

If you missed the November 26 show (because you were out shopping!) and want to know what happened to SPAZ, where Derek thinks is the most "Christmasy" place on the planet, and more about tourism from an entertainer's perspective, then you can download it here. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The “Big Game” and Bimini Happenings, Legend and Lore

Returning to the Bimini Big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort after our last trip in July was a special treat. As always, the Big Game is On! and the hospitality was perfect.

In January 2010, when we did our first show from North Bimini, we had the pleasure of meeting local historian, published author and poet, Ashley Saunders, the creator of Bimini's famed Dolphin House. This trip, we were thrilled to have Mr. Saunders as a guest on the show. If you have never seen or heard of the Dolphin House, listen to Ashley describe the personal inspiration that motivated him to create this poem in stone. Ashley also talked about other Bimini myths, legends and lore including the Atlantis Road, and the Healing Hole located on the islands of North and South Bimini. All very fascinating!

Renee Robbins from the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s Bimini Office was excited to share with listeners all of the great activities and events coming up over the next several months. For a small island, Biminites sure do know how to throw parties and have a great time. With Christmas and Boxing Day coming up soon, as well as New Year's, if you are looking for a great time on an island in the stream, Bimini could be the place to be. Unfortunately, during our stay, we learned that the End of the World Bar is closed. However, there is rumor that it could reopen in the near future so stay tuned for breaking details.

With the Bimini Big Game Club as our show location host, Sandra Fieger, part of the Bimini Big Game Club management team, shared what is coming up at the resort over the next couple of months. For diving enthusiasts, the commencement of Dive Bimini launching on December 1 is BIG news. Bimini Blue, a glass bottom, double-decker vessel certified for 100 passengers will begin operating and provide a host of on-the-water experiences. Also, Black Fly Bimini is gearing up for its debut in the very near future.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just the tip of the iceberg for last Friday’s show. Sit back with your favorite rum drink and slice of Bimini Bread and enjoy the show. You can download or listen to our 96th show, which came to you live from Bimini, by clicking HERE.

Thanks again to the crew of the Bimini big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort for hosting Talkin’ Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At the "End of the World!"

From time to time, Talkin’ Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond!) gets to actually travel “beyond” the Treasure Coast to bring you live remote broadcasts from locations outside of the Treasure Coast region. It is truly our pleasure to provide you, our valued listeners and fans, with perspectives and information that goes beyond our local borders. Frequently, the Islands of the Bahamas beckon with opportunity. The marriage between the radio show and Coastal Angler Magazine-FLAHAMA provides the Talkin’ Tourism Team with the “connections” to promote the longstanding ritual of Floridians enjoying the hospitality and tropical experiences to be found among this island nation so close to our shores.

Many times, the obvious choice for a getaway is right under our noses. The islands of North and South Bimini, so close but yet so far away, offer a unique opportunity to get away from it all. While known as a big-game fishing destination for decades, a visitor does not have to be a big-game fishing enthusiast to enjoy all that the Bimini’s have to offer.

Join us this Friday as we bring to you some of the characters and legends that make Bimini such a special place. The recently renovated and re-opened Bimini Big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort plays host (once more) to the Talkin’ Tourism Team. This legendary resort and marina property has re-invented itself under the influence and guidance of famed marine-life artist and conservationist Guy Harvey.

Find out what’s new and what exciting new things are coming, to this “Island in the Stream." Tune in Friday, November 19, at 10:05 a.m. to WPSL 1590 AM or on the web at And yes…there will be a party at the End of the World Bar!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let the sailfish action begin!

Radio Man was thrilled to be walking the docks of Finest Kind Marina in Stuart, Florida last Friday morning. With the sailfish season starting in just another couple of weeks, there were many friends and fellow fishing enthusiasts on the docks getting set for the upcoming tournaments. The smell of the salt air, sounds of mullet jumping and the general “buzz” on the docks as boat owners and captains were sharing their fishing adventures from around the globe, set the stage for Friday’s show. Co-host Robin enjoyed a lay-day (day off), as they say in tournament lingo, and area fishing guru and historian Ed Killer filled in the co-host chair. With jets flying overhead is was appropriate to promote the Stuart Air Show, one of the biggest Treasure Coast visitor magnets each year.

Things, however, quickly got down to sailfish tournament business. Radio Man (aka Gary Guertin) did his standard preshow research, and brought some very interesting and notable information on the early years of the Stuart Sailfish Club’s Light Tackle Tournament to the group discussion. If you desire a better understanding of what our area's sailfish tournament legacy is all about, you will definitely appreciate the show.

Taking a quick side trip to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Fa-La-Me Capt. Rob Moore shared what it was like to be chased from port to port by Hurricane Earl, which lashed the British Virgin Islands as they were pursuing blue marlin.

Getting down to specifics, Char Griggs, Capt. David Berard and Krista Chasmar gave listeners the latest and greatest on the three major sailfish tournaments coming up in December. It was great to hear that each tournament has established its own special “signature."

On Friday, November 19, we'll becoming to you LIVE from the Bimini Big Game Club/Guy Harvey Outpost Resort on North Bimini. We’ll be talking fishing, sharks, history and much more. What will be the Treasure Coast connection? Tune in Friday at 10:05 a.m. to find out. More pre-show banter to come!

Here's the show from Friday, November 12. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sailfish Fever…Coming to an Inlet Near You

Sailfish doing sailfish things.
Photo credit: Derek Goodrich@webshots.
The air has turned decidedly crisper, time has has been turned back an hour, and scores of world class captains, anglers and mates are beginning to show up on the docks and tackle shops along the Treasure Coast can only mean one thing:  Sailfish Tournament Season is just around the corner!

Long nicknamed the Sailfish Capital of the World, for the next three months Stuart and Treasure Coast offshore waters will host some of the world's best in the sportfishing world. This Friday, we will feature our annual Sailfish Tournament Season show bringing incredible insight into several local tournaments that have molded our past as a sportfishing destination and major tourism generator.

Talkin’ Tourism resident fishing and boating guru, Ed Killer will be with us dockside at Finest Kind Marina on the Manatee Pocket to provide historical perspective on the tournament scene and share his perspective on what the future of these historic tournaments may be. World-class competitor Fa-La-Me Captain Rob Moore, a consistent top-placer in local tournaments, as well as those in the Virgin Islands and beyond, will share his views on the tournament scene as well.

The first local tournament, the Finest Kind Quickie, will be represented by Krista Chasmar. As a relative newcomer to the tournament scene, the "Quickie" has rapidly gained the reputation of being a great event. Next is the Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic, the first tournament in the Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship Series. Dave Berard, a consistent tournament winner, will be give us details on the Classic. The Stuart Sailfish Club’s 57th Annual Light Tackle Tournament, one of the country’s oldest, will be represented by Tournament Committee co-chair Char Griggs. The Stuart Sailfish Club is credited with being the first tourism promotion group on the Treasure Coast.

So ladies and gentlemen and fishing fanatics, dust off your rods and reels, strap on your fighting belts, slap on your favorite SPF lotion, fill your coolers with ice and your favorite beverages, and “let go fishing”!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rum Running, Pineapple Rum and Lots of Laughter!

Rum Runners, pineapple rum, fundraisers, lots of laughs and nautical flea market were all topics of lively conversation and laughter this week!

Leading off the show, Maritime and Classic Boat Museum executive director Jody Clifford gave listeners the scoop on the museum’s origins, current happenings, and future vision for a new facility at Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach, Florida. As the show photos attest, if you have a “thing” for old boats and nautical memorabilia, put the Maritime and Classic Boat Museum on your "must see" list. 

With the cause well established, Chris Cooke gave the scoop on the upcoming Real McCoy Rum Runner Party. This 'spirited event' will be the talk of the town. Food, fun, entertainment and plenty of rum will ensure a good time by all attendees. Wrapping up the weekend will be a super Nautical Flea Market and Classic Boat Show. Committee member Julie Lentine described what to expect. Boating and marine enthusiasts, as well as their families, will enjoy this special day at Indian Riverside Park!

With the Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival on everyone’s radar screen, what could be better than having seven visiting Eleutherans in the studio to share their perspective on Gregory Town, Eleuthera’s 20 year Sister City partnership with Jensen Beach, Florida! Lead Junkanoo’er Avian Morley headed up the conversation with his love of the Treasure Coast. Glenda Johnson, senior executive with the Eleuthera Ministry of Tourism, shared her impressions of 20 years participation in the event. Did you know there is a Jensen Beach Travel Club in Eleuthera? Max will tell you all about it. There are even Eleutheran high school students here that will spend time with the music students at Jensen Beach High School during their stay. And folks, those are just the highlights!

Download the November 5th show and share in the fun, good times and great information that made this show truly special.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rum and Junkanoo--A PERFECT Combination!

Are you ready for some Junkanoo?
The season is starting to crank-up along the Treasure Coast and the Talkin’ Tourism crew is revving up to bring you all the action. Taking a quick road trip this week, show hosts Gary and Robin will be stopping by the Maritime and Classic Boat Museum located in Jensen Beach, Florida. This unique museum is home to some of the finest collections of maritime memorabilia and classic boats in South Florida.

A signature event sponsored by the Maritime and Classic Boat Museum is the Annual “Real McCoy” Rum Runner Party, which is slated for November 19th, 2010. Featured this week will be the museum's executive director, Jody Clifford, Rum Runner Committee member Chris Cooke, and Nautical Flea Market and Classic Boat Show Committee member, Julie Lentine. Collectively they will talk about future plans for the museum, describe the current collections and detail their collaboration with other local marine institutions and organizations. And of course, they'll give all the details on the Real McCoy Rum Runner Party, and the Classic Boat Show & Nautical Flea Market, which follows on November 20.  So, what does William (Bill) McCoy have to do with the Treasure Coast?  Myth, legend or fact? Expect History Lady to shed some light on this one.

Another huge festival on the Treasure Coast approaching this weekend is the Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival. Celebrating 23 years and a 20 year Sister City relationship with Gregory Town, Eleuthera, Bahamas, Talkin' Tourism will have some Eleutheran friends in the studio! Avian Morely, lead Junkanoo’er, along with Glenda Johnson, Eleuthera Ministry of Tourism, and VIP Bahamian friends will share their relationship with the Treasure Coast and describe what they find appealing about our region. How is a Junkanoo costume made? Where does the word Junkanoo come from? These Bahamians will give listeners the real deal.

So fellow tourism fans, sit back and enjoy another round of Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond). It's the show that keeps you informed and entertained about things to do, places to go and people to meet on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond!). See you all Friday morning.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Lost Episode....Somewhere in Cyberspace

Bahamas Director General of Tourism Vernice Walkine smiles
when Gary mentions Misti wants to return to Eleuthera soon.
Standing behind Ms. Walkine is Warren Pinder,
Consultant Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board;
sitting next to Ms. Walkine is Shaun Ingraham, Director Island
Journeys; Hon. Oswald Ingraham, M.P. South Eleuthera;
Talkin' Tourism co-host Ed Griffith and show host Gary Guertin
Well fans, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. The show we planned to bring to you last Friday did not air due to a programming error. As a result, the show from Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club that had aired on August 13 was replayed. If you missed the first airing of the show, you probably found it extremely interesting to hear Earlston McPhee, the general manager of Sustainable Tourism for the Bahamas, Leon Gibson, the administrator of the Blue Flag Programme, along with Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club general manager Stephen Kappeler discuss the commitment by the Islands of the Bahamas to ensure their beautiful waters remain as clean and pristine as possible.

The show also featured movers and shakers in the tourism industry including Vernice Walkine, now the former Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Tommy Sands, a local businessman and investor of Cotton Bay Estates, Avian Morely, restaurateur and conch salad master, and Member of Parliament, The Hon. Oswald Ingraham.

Once the “missing show” is located, we'll post it here on the blog as a “special bonus show” for your listening and vacationing pleasure.
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