Monday, November 29, 2010

Travel, life on the road, and tourism from the entertainers viewpoint

For the first time in recent history, the Elliott Museum was more like a comedy club than a museum! Guests Derek Richards, Michael “SPAZ” McGoorty and Loretta Grantham had Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin and guest co-host Ed Griffith in stitches! The show's theme was a “behind the scenes” perspective about life on the road for entertainers who contribute enormously to the overall tourism experience. While Gary had high expectations for the show with such great guests, even his expectations were exceeded! The show was filled with laughs, merriment and mayhem.

Some of the interesting fodor included Loretta and Derek’s most “off-the-wall” restaurant experience, which as a result of the error, resulted in a special menu item created in their honor! What about SPAZ? He shared what happened when he proceeded to the kitchen to find the manager with a broken table knife in his hand. If you listened to the show, you'll know whether he got a free meal or a one-way ticket to the local jail!

Some of you may think it's more “Christmasy” up north. You just may change your mind after hearing Derek’s opinion on what location is more "Christmasy."
On a more serious note, there was great conversation about the potential for entertainers to collaborate with local attractions and venues to boost tourism business, as well as the importance of the entertainment business to the tourism industry, and much more.

NEWS FLASH! During the show, Radio Man promised to give-away a four pack of tickets to the upcoming 37th annual Stuart Boat Show. Well, with all the hysteria of the show, Radio Man spaced-out and forgot to do the giveaway. So, here is the deal. You can still win the tickets by being the first to e-mail the correct answer to the following two-part question.

Here it is:  (1) From what island in the Bahamas was the November 19, 2010 show broadcast from AND (2) what is the full name of the resort/marina that hosted the show?

The first correct answer e-mailed to, picks up a four-pack of tickets to the Stuart Boat Show! It's that easy.

If you missed the November 26 show (because you were out shopping!) and want to know what happened to SPAZ, where Derek thinks is the most "Christmasy" place on the planet, and more about tourism from an entertainer's perspective, then you can download it here. Enjoy!
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