Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel Safety and Surfing from Sebastian to Stuart

Laura Passanisi, Justin Beard and Talkin' Tourism's Gary Guertin
ready to talk travel safety and surfing!
Laura Passanisi, from the Martin County Sherriff’s Department, was today's featured guest.  Laura, a law enforcement and crime prevention specialist, had a wealth of “common sense” information for persons that travel for both business and pleasure.  When do you place your valuables in the trunk of your car when going to the beach or other isolated location?  What should you do when returning to your hotel room after dark or entering into your room after checking in? Should you open the door for “room service” or “maintenance/housekeeping” knocking at your door? It may be common sense, but Laura really opened our eyes to making sure that we are aware of our surroundings when traveling.

The beaches, are one of the Treasure Coast's  greatest assets. Thousands upon thousands of visitors and locals alike enjoy the wide variety of beaches along the Treasure Coast. Justin Beard and Talkin’ Tourism host Gary Guertin had a blast checking out the surf breaks from Sebastian Inlet to Stuart.  While co-host Robin Hicks-Connors certainly loves the beach, she became a little lost with the surf lingo….shore break…close out….tube…wedge at Sebastian Inlet…Monster Hole…peak…single fin???? If you are a surf dude or dudettes, you’ll have it wired.

Last but certainly not least, Justin shared all the great details of the 4th Annual Single Fin Showdown scheduled for March 17th at Stuart  Beach, Florida.  Surfers from around Florida will be checking into this great event to benefit, which will benefit the United Way of Martin County!

Here's the Talkin' Tourism February 24th show file for your listening pleasure! 

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