Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tourism Leaders and Rebirths and It's Time for the Martin County Fair

Ed Griffith, show host Robin Hicks Connors
and Martin County Fair and Youth Livestock Show
spokesperson Darryl Magill.
It is always a pleasure having special guest co-host Ed Griffith on the show as a real guest.  To start things off, Ed shared with us the plans Ocean Properties. Inc. has for the former Holiday Inn on Hutchinson Island in Jensen Beach, Florida. After sitting idle since the hurricanes of 2004, there is now great excitement regarding the rebirth of this well-known property.  There are not very many oceanfront rooms in Martin County so the addition of 180 rooms on the ocean will certainly be a draw to the area.  We are looking forward to the detailed plans!

Martin County Fair and Youth Livestock Show spokesperson Darryl Magill could not be a better cheerleader for this great American tradition. In his words, he likes to use the acronym F.A.I.R.E. to describe all that can be found by attending this event.  Here it is folks:
  • F….is for family
  • A…is for agriculture
  • I…is for industry
  • R…is for recreation and
  • E…is for entertainment.  
Want more FAIRE details?  Check out the show's audio file and we know you’ll then be making plans to head on over to this year’s Martin County Fair.

There was a great three way conversation between the Talkin' Tourism heads---Gary, Robin and Ed---encompassing the growth in the leadership of the tourism industry in Martin County.  With new members on the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s board of directors and seasoned leadership, the continued growth and recognition of the importance of the hospitality is in good hands. 

So listeners and blog fans, download the February 3 Talkin' Tourism show and in addition to all the information above you're certain to pick up some tourism gems of wisdom only found on Talkin’ Tourism!

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