Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Air Ballooning, Cruising and Sleuthing!

Debbie Mientus and Chris Sommers with Talkin' Tourism
host Gary Guertin.
Now, Radio Man and History Lady know just about everything you need to know about the sport and adventure of hot air ballooning!  Guests Debbie Mientus and Chris Sommers were very knowledgeable about their passion. Here is just a little about what we learned:

  • Despite being a hot air balloon pilot, Chris is afraid of heights…go figure. 
  • Chris has flown through every state in the country except Alaska and Hawaii.  
  • We also know why hot air balloon flying in the Bahamas isn't done and what happened a number of years ago when someone organize a “Bimini to Ft. Lauderdale” balloon race!  
Hopefully after this show you will definitely want to add a ride in a hot air balloon to your “bucket list”.

Lisa Higgins and Gary Smith from AAA Auto Club South
gave great insider information on cruising and a
Slueth's Mystery Day Trip to Orlando.
For those who are interested in learning the very best deals on cruises and tours, Gary Smith and Lisa Higgins from AAA Auto Club South definitely whet the appetite for taking a cruise. Besides cruising, Lisa, who is in charge of domestic travel, also gave us some great information on the Sleuth’s Mystery Day Trip to Orlando scheduled for Tuesday, February 28. This trip is being organized by AAA. Visit the AAA Auto Club South website for more information.

And for you Bahamas lovers, it's true! Bimini Sands Resort and Marina is now offering free five-day dockage under certain special conditions. If you missed the details, you can still pick them up by listening to last week's show.

See you on Friday with another edutaining hour filled with tourism news and tidbits you won't want to miss!

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