Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nature and Old Florida Take Center Stage

Guests Rufus Wakeman and Chuck
Barrowclough with Talkin' Tourism
host Gary Guertin.
When you have two great guests it is not hard to have a great show!  Leading off this week was Chuck Barrowclough, the executive director of Treasured Lands Foundation.  The key reason why Chuck was on the show was to promote an event on February 26 that benefits the organization featuring award winning author Richard Louv.  Do you know what NDD (Nature Deficient Disorder) is?  You may want to check out this show and hear what Chuck has to say. We just hope it is not catchy. Also, you’ll find out why co-host Robin Hicks-Connors and Chuck spent the night together. Yes, spent the night together. Just remember, you read it here first!

Martin County is certainly blessed with a diversity of accommodations for visiting guests.  River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp owner Rufus Wakeman share with our listeners all of the amenities of this riverside gem.  Want a fun waterfront wedding?  They can do that. Want a taste of Old Florida?  You have to stay there!  The conversation quickly moved to the importance of inshore fishing in our region.  In the Bahamas, they say that every bonefish is worth $10,000.00.  So what do you think our regions snook, tarpon, redfish, trout and pompano are worth?  We know that Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World.  Could the Treasure Coast also be the Inshore Fishing Capital of the World?  By the way, do you know the difference between “inshore” fishing and “nearshore” fishing?  Tune into the show and you will know these little nuggets of fishing knowledge for your next cocktail party ice breaker.

Rounding out the show was of course more great Bahama updates and some special deals if you are headed to the islands any time soon.

What was the BREAKING NEWS that was to be revealed during the show? Let’s just say that there is now a bridge between the Islands of the Bahamas and Florida’s Treasure Coast!

Thanks for being a fan of the show. Here's the link to the February 10 Talkin' Tourism for those who wish to listen in again or for those of you who might have missed the live broadcast.

See you next week!

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