Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuart Boat Show, Offers to Get You Boating to the Bahamas, and Marine Tourism

It's hard to believe it's already Stuart Boat Show time! Boy, does time fly when you are promoting tourism! (Gotcha! You expected "when you're drinking rum!")

As we did last year on the opening day of this Treasure Coast tradition, we are broadcasting from the offices of Allied Marine Group, located right in the heart of the show. Expected to draw great crowds of boating, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, we'll give our listeners an overview of what to see and the line-up of great guests will give the inside scoop on the show and special offerings you won't want to miss.

AllSports Productions and Stuart Boat Show producer Rick Allen will share his thoughts on this year’s show, comparing it to the last several shows. The economy is getting better (they say) and people still want to have boating fun. John Smith, Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast president, will give a marine industry state of affairs update for the Treasure Coast area and share the importance of marine industries to the area's economy. Rozeta Mahboubi, executive director of the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau,  certainly understands the importance of marine related tourism to our area. If hotels are places where people sleep, marinas certainly are places where boats sleep. When you look at the numbers, there are probably more boat slips than hotel rooms in Martin County, so a lot of boats (and their owners) sleep in Martin County!

Of course a show would not be a Talkin’ Tourism show if it didn't have a Bahamas angle. Joining us from the Bahamas Tourist Office will be one of our favorite Bahamian ambassador's and a long time friend, Richard Treco. Richard will outline all the special offers available to boaters headed over to the Bahamas.

Then, drilling down to the “island level,” Christopher Pollock, member of the Bimini Tourism Advisory Board and representative of the Bimini Big Game Club, will share some thoughts on what the private tourism sector can do to support the efforts of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

The hour will be action-packed and informative, so hoist your anchor, trim your sails and tune your radio (WPSL 1590 AM) and Internet dials to Talkin' Tourism for a boat-load of information!

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