Thursday, January 5, 2012

The perfect location for "Layin' Low in Bimini": Bimini Sands Resort and Marina

The Talkin’ Tourism team was thrilled to be “laying low in Bimini”—the "island in the stream" famous for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life—over the New Year’s Weekend. Bimini and Bimini Sands Resort and Marina was the place to be!

Our poolside studio location, overlooking the magical and healing waters of Bimini, could not have been better!  Frank Cooney Sr., president and CEO of Bimini Sands Resort and Marina, led off our great line-up of guests on the show. He shared with listeners the evolution of the resort and the challenges faced after Hurricane Wilma.  A sushi bar (Island Sushi) on the tiny island of South Bimini? Indeed! And the food in the fine cuisine Bimini Twist and the funky Mackey’s Sand Bar (this one complete with a sandy beach floor) under the direction of Chef Edison is Five Star (just ask Robin!). Mackey's Sand Bar is truly a Bimini hot spot, as, is it's sister-bar the outdoor Square Grouper Tiki Bar.

Although we didn't personally experience the Wednesday night Karaoke at Mackey's Sand Bar, this weekly event attracts guests, Biminites, and other Bahamians from South and North Bimini and beyond. And whenever the mood strikes, dancing on the bar here is allowed.

Bimini Big Sand's first class marina, offers fuel services, customs and immigration, a ship's store, free WiFi, golf cart rentals, restaurant, shower and laundry facilities, ice, and has every service and amenity the avid fishermen and boater may need.  The marina's floating docks, freshwater connections, and minimum 8-foot harbour makes this the perfect and comfortable 'home away from home' for any size vessel.

Looking for great eco-excursions? You can find what you are looking for (and more) at Bimini Sands!  Among the great excursions available is a dolphin expedition under the direction of Geoffrey Hanan at Dolphin Expeditions. Geoffrey’s clientele comes from around the globe for this unique adventure. How about great fishing?  Captain Rick Benitez, a Bimini Sands Marina guest, described the great wahoo fishing around the waters of Bimini and he had the photos to prove it.  Representing the Bimini Tourist Office was Antoinette Stuart. As you may know, Bimini is steeped in history. From the adventures of Ernest Hemingway, to the visits of Martin Luther King Jr., Port Royale’s notable resident Adam Clayton Powell and home to Mackey Airlines (which was later sold to Eastern Airlines) founder Joseph C. Mackey, Bimini has a colorful and rich history. Antoinette made the point that Bimini is certainly a destination for lovers of history and culture and the Ministry of Tourism continues to promote the islands famed history in addition to great boating, fishing and diving.  With Bimini so close to the U.S. mainland, it is truly the “Gateway to the Bahamas”.

The show was packed with lots of interesting tidbits, including a few Robin myth-busters, so sit back with a Goombay Smash, Bahama Mama, Kalik or your favorite boat drink and enjoy a mini-vacation to Bimini Sands Resort and Marina compliments of your favorite talk radio tourism show—Talkin’ Tourism! Here's the link to the Bimini Sands broadcast.

And be sure to check out our Bimini New Year's Adventure videos (coming soon) and photo album (below) to see and learn more about this 'Island in the Stream.' There's a mixture of fireworks, Junkanoo, a golf cart ride along Kings Highway on North Bimini, a visit to the Fountain of Youth, a walk through the Bimini Nature Trail (where visitors "Experience the Other Side of Bimini") the annual Burial Society's New Year's Day parade, magic buses, a birthday celebration, lots of local color and characters, and so much more!

Many thanks to Bimini Sands Resort and Marina and the entire Frank Cooney family for hosting the Talkin’ Tourism team for this Bahamian show. The hospitality was genuine, warm and absolutely first-class! WARNING---we will be back!

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