Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live from the Pinta this Friday, April 17

Don’t miss this week’s episode of Talkin' Tourism. Gary and Robin take the show “on the road” (or better stated “out to sea”) when they do the show live aboard the historic Columbus era vessel the Pinta.

The Nina and Pinta, replicas of Christopher Columbus’s fleet of 1492, made quite a landfall at Harborage Yacht Club and Marina on Tuesday, April 14th. Check out the short 1+ minute video below to see the ships as they sail under and past the Evans Crary Bridge.

Don’t miss interviews with Captain Morgan Sanger, Kyle and crew members detailing their adventures sailing the vessels through the Panama Canal to Honduras, weathering challenging winds and sea conditions and telling listeners what happened to their Honduran chickens when they cleared customs in Key West!

The rest of the show will include interviews with locals and visitors alike as they tour the ships, as well as other nautical and 'Sassy' tourism tidbits.

See you aboard the Pinta this Friday! Tune to WPSL 1590 at 10 a.m.!
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