Saturday, May 2, 2009

Parks, Fishing, Reel Sassy and Martin County Beach Parking Fees(?)

Well, they say start out with a plan and then “adjust". The plan went sideways when Co-Host Robin Hicks-Connors called to say that when she returned from her morning run, nearly 25 friends showed up at her house for an early “birthday surprise". Since Robin had agreed to fish the Langford tournament “on her birthday” she got the day off. Harborage Yacht Club Marina Manager, Scott Fletcher, was pressed into service in his first stint as a radio co-host and did a great job. We had hoped to have Reel Sassy co-owner Kimberlee Ewing, but she had a conflicting appointment. Lo and behold, a half-hour before the show, Kimberlee called and said her appointment was cancelled and she could appear on the show. Wow, what a morning!

Martin County Parks Director Richard Blankenship delivered the “goods” and provided insight and information on everything you wanted to know about Martin County Parks. By they way, how many park facilities exist in Martin County? Listen and learn, but I can tell you it is more than 50!

Beach parking fees for non-residents? I'd like to know your opinion. Listen to Richard’s explanation as to how this would work if implemented by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners. E-mail your opinion to

See you all next week…Gary. Download or listen to the show HERE.
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