Monday, November 16, 2009

Practice Safe Travel and Watch those Black Cats


Travel safety is a concern shared by most travelers. An unfortunate “happening” can ruin what should have been a great vacation. It doesn’t have to be a major event. Something as simple as losing your travel documents or returning your room key card can turn into a real hassle.

Laura Passanesi, community programs practitioner and volunteer coordinator for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office discussed on our last show basic but important concepts to help ensure a safe(er) travel experience. As a matter of fact, your personal safety plan starts right at home!

Talkin Tourism’s monthly Getaway Giveaway Promotion is off to a great start. In the studio today was Fred Rutzke, owner of the popular Jensen Beach. Florida property, Caribbean Shores Hotel and Resort on the beautiful Indian River Lagoon. Fred provided a great description of his unique property. Listen in and you will certainly want to get in on this opportunity.

Are you superstitious? Talkin' Tourism couldn't let Friday the 13th escape without some references to this celebrated day. Did you know that acorns are supposed to keep lightning away if placed on a window sill? Is it good luck or bad luck if the first butterfly you see in a year is white? More superstition nuggests were shared on the show. If you missed the live broadcast of the show, listen to it or download it HERE.

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PHOTO: This week's guests: Laura Passanesi, Martin County Sheriff's Office and Fred Rutzke Caribbean Shores.
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