Monday, December 21, 2009

Stu, Carol, Paul, Mary and a dog named Taz

The latest Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast took the show to the man and woman on the “streets” or should we say the “waterways." For the first time since the show's inception, hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors had the opportunity to speak with “Valued Seasonal Boaters" and learn first-hand their perceptions of the Treasure Coast.

Guests Stu and Carol Brewer are repeat visitors to Stuart, enjoying life aboard their 36-foot trawler. The Brewer's are relatively new to the boating lifestyle. During the show, Gary and Robin explore why the Brewers like to winter on the Treasure Coast, how they like life on the water, and how they made the decision to jump in to boating with both feet.

Next up was Paul and Mary Dolan, first-timers from New Market, Maryland. Their story is totally different! Here we have an entire family--mom, dad, four children (ages 17, 13, 12 and 7), and a boat dog, named Taz, on an adventure of a life-time. What possessed this family to purchase a 1977 46’ sailboat and head down the Intracoastal Waterway with dreams of visiting Florida the Islands of the Bahamas? Their story will make you think about what just may be the really important things in life. Are these teenagers missing their social scene? What about school? Is experiential education better than learning in the confines of a four walled classroom? Hear this and more by listening to their story.

Treasure Coast Airlines in up and running. Looking for quick New Year getaway? How about New Year’s Eve in Bimini? Gary and Robin cover this and more island happenings.

Trying to entice your family and friends to head south for the winter? Share the Talkin' Tourism blog link with them and tell them to leave the frigid north behind.

If your holiday plans will keep you away from your radio this week, Gary, Robin, the cast and crew of Harborage Yacht Club & Marina, the Martin County Historical Society, and those in hospitality businesses  on Florida's beautiful Treasure Coast, wish you Happy Holidays!

Miss the (December 18) show? You can listen or download the last Talkin' Tourism show HERE.
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