Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gatorade on a Q-Tip and Art Masterpieces with Bugs

From Talkin Tourism Show Photos
Getting back together again after their travels, History Lady and Radio Man picked up like they had never been apart. Something that is bound to happen when you have close to 75 shows under your belt…or perhaps it is just talent!

With Ed Griffith in the studio, recounting his recent trip of Eleuthera with the Jensen Beach gang, it was interesting to hear the Talkin' Tourism Team actually talk about their experiences as tourists, each in a different country. So, who was the man who proposed to Robin and what do Marie Antoinette and Robin have in common? What were Ed’s reflections on his first visit to Eleuthera and is the Jensen Beach 'Sister City' relationship with Gregory Town alive and well? Are “Nature’s Little Secrets” (the British Virgin Islands) keeping any secrets about Gary and Misti’s trip to Tortola? All this and more when you download the show.

The main event was the return visit of Dr. Noble, Director of Public Exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Always a wealth of information, Dr. Noble carefully explained the uniqueness of the new exhibit entitled CSI: Crime Scene Insects. The discussion was fascinating. While this type of forensic analysis did not have legal credibility in the U.S. until the 1960’s, it has been practiced in China for over 1,200 years. How was a murder in China that long ago solved? Is it an exhibit that children will enjoy? Absolutely! Who would have ever thought that you could 'paint with maggots'! And what about our cold winter? The outdoor butterfly exhibit which houses 2,000 butterflies had to make adjustments, which they did. Believe it or not, they moved many of the butterflies into their indoor breeding areas and allowed the patrons to feed the butterflies. The butterflies food of choice? Gatorade on a Q-Tip!

It just gets better and better every week, so if you missed the show download and listen now. If you have not been to the blog in a while, check out the amazing photos of the two shows broadcast from the British Virgin Islands. You will want to travel to paradise and have a cheeseburger in paradise!

Until next week, Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast…signing off!
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