Sunday, July 11, 2010

Travel photography tips, summer tourism, and a Deep Horizon Oil update

After photographer Thomas Winter’s appearance on this week’s Talkin' Tourism show, there should be no more excuses for less than great vacation photos.  In a very straight forward way, Tom gave listeners excellent advice on how to take photos they will be proud to share.  Everything from great composition and camera angle, to what to shoot and what to do if you cannot find FujiFilm film (thanks for the call in Will)!  Talkin' Tourism fans and listeners will see dramatic improvements in their shots after hearing and practicing the tips Tom shared today.

Rozeta Maboubi
, executive director of the Martin County, Florida Convention and Visitors Bureauand Charlotte Lombard, the tourism coordinator of the St. Lucie County, Florida Tourism Development Council, gave interesting perspectives on the state of tourism here on the
Treasure Coast.  There is certainly optimism in the air as the summer progresses and the numbers roll in. Some of the big news the two tourism officials shared, involved the Florida Police and Fire Games and the Southern Kingfish Association.

Rounding out today’s broadcast was
Gary Roderick, director of Martin County, Florida’s Environmental Services Department.  Back in May, 
Gary Roderick appeared on Talkin' Tourism discussing plans under development on the Treasure Coast in anticipation of the Deep Horizon Oil Disaster impacting our area.  Now, 81 days later, what are his thoughts?  Did the Gulf of Mexico currents behave as anticipated?  Are there still possibilities of our coast receiving tar balls or other effects?  Thanks Mr. Roderick for putting this huge issue in its proper perspective.

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