Monday, August 2, 2010

Bonefish, Golf Balls, & Outdoorsmen

Well fans, for the first time in her capacity of co-host, History Lady (Robin Hicks-Connors) gave the fishing report for Bimini!  Ed Killer, you'd better watch your back!

Bonefish, permit chasing, mutton snapper and rays were on History Lady's list of flats fishing targets and boy did she have things to say about Bonefish Ebbie…(all good).  Thanks Robin!

After reminiscing about last week’s show broadcast from North Bimini, Robin and Gary got down to business and had a wonderful chat with Bob Baldassari, the general manager of PGA Villages located in Pot St. Lucie, Florida. 

Always comfortable on the microphone, Bob shared all kinds of great info on what is happening at PGA Village.  Here's a  couple of points he covered that you'll want to know: what the golf industry has done to survive today’s economy and whether you can just play one hole and “call it a day." Most importantly, Bob provided the details about an upcoming Labor Day Weekend event that all golfers will want to participate in!  Last, we know that Radio Man (Gary) is a Yankee, so where does Bob hail from and what does he have in common with Harvard Yard (pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd)?

Outdoor and Nature VISIT Florida “Insider” Kevin Mims poked around Martin County just long enough to make an appearance on the show.  A freelance writer, blogger, photographer and videographer, Kevin was here on a mission to get an overview of what hiking, biking and paddling adventures could be found here on the Treasure Coast.  He only scratched the surface on this visit and will have to come back. Martin County's opportunities had him on overload!  

This week's show was full of fun, accented with "infotainment," "edutainment" and "sportstainment" for all.

Here's the audio file to the show...enjoy!
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