Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Coastal Science with a Mix of Horticulture

A manta ray bearing a strking resemblance to
Talkin' Tourism show host Gary Guertin.
This week’s topic entrée choice was excellent. The “surf” part was tastefully served up by Florida
graphic Coastal Center
executive director Mark Perry, along with his leadership staff, and the “turf” portion of the topic was presented nicely by Amy Dahan, director of the Heathcote Botanical Gardens Gardens. What was for dessert? How about a sweet tour of the Coastal Center’s facilities!

The Treasure Coast is blessed with a unique environment and what a better way to attract visitors concerned about our global environment than to provide an up close and personal look at the diverse eco-systems of our region. Mark provided a great overview of the mission and purpose of the Florida Oceanographic Society. Testimony to the fact this facility is a “people magnet” is that attendance to the site in July was an all time high for the month! Resident research scientist Vincent Encomio detailed the oyster project, and clam nursery, among others that are helping to improve our local estuarine eco-system. And, bring edutainment into the mix with Ellie Van Os and you will learn how they reach everyone from 4-5 year olds to grandma’s and grandpa’s with great camps and programs. Director of development Suzanne Ross shared how YOU can get involved to help the organization continue to best serve the public.

Amy Dahan eloquently informed listeners on Heathcote Botanical Gardens, which draws crowds of plant enthusiasts to Ft Pierce. Shortly, the Gardens will house the largest collection of tropical Bonsai trees in the United States! In addition to continued improvements to the Gardens, Amy shared the group’s involvement with the creation of a regional park, which will be larger than Central Park in New York and help to improve the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon.
History Lady, Robin Hicks-Connors, delivered the weekly "This week in Martin County History," always cool facts to know.

Don’t forget to check out the photos (below) from this week’s show and take a mini-tour of the Coastal Center to see what you’ve been missing. And, here's
this week's show for your listening pleasure!

Thanks for tuning in and hope your Labor Day Weekend was fabulous.

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