Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Ate Grapes, Hid the Knives, Broke All the Dishes and Why?

One of the great responsibilities of radio on-air personalities is the requirement to paint pictures with words. Friday’s show was a great illustration of this requisite. Rumor had it, based on several Facebook postings, that the studio may be in several different locations, ranging from Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands to some secret location on the Treasure Coast. The fun fact is we could have been anywhere you wanted us to be! The secret location was somewhere in FLAHAMA, a Great State of Mind. It was a fitting salute to 2010 for History Lady, Radio Man and special guest host Ed Griffith to be together sharing with listeners the highlights of our 2010 shows. There were many great memories and insider stories as Robin and Ed disclosed some of their favorite shows. Interestingly, some of Ed and Robin's picks were the same shows!

Since Talkin' Tourism is tourism centric, it only made sense for Gary and Robin to take a quick spin around the globe to explore some of the traditions and lore associated with the New Year in various countries. Do you know what pasta is the correct pasta to eat on New Year’s Day in Sicily? How about in what country is it customary to eat a dozen grapes at the stroke of midnight and which country consumes thirteen? And it what country do they hide all the knives in the house for 24 hours? Great New Year’s Eve cocktail party trivia indeed.

And if that wasn't enough, a few specialty cocktail recipes and news on fishing tournaments here and abroad were thrown in the mix to close out our last show of 2010. If you missed the fun, you can download last week's show here.

We hope you had a fabulous Old Year’s Night, and are off to a healthy and prosperous New Year. See you next week in 2011!
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