Thursday, May 12, 2011

Paddling up to Tourism

Travel and tourism is big business worldwide. So big in fact that here in the U.S., an entire week (first full week in May)—National Tourism Week—is set aside to celebrate and educate. Celebrate? Yes, with lots of parties and publicity to celebrate the power of travel. Educate? Yes, continuing to educate the general public on the overall economic importance of tourism, and how the industry increases their quality of life.

This week two champions of tourism will join Talkin' Tourism to continue the tourism celebration and education. Rozeta Mahboubi, executive director of the Martin County, Florida Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Charlotte Lombard, tourism manager for St. Lucie County, Florida, will describe what their bureaus have done to recognize this most important economic generator.

Enthusiastically passionate about the industry, Rozeta and Charlotte will have lots to offer. Here are two tourism factoids to ponder:
  1. Each household in the U.S. would pay $1,000.00 more in taxes without the tax revenue generated by the industry
  2. Total travel and tourism jobs in the U.S. is 14.1 million. You could fill the Louisiana Superdome more than 101 times over with people directly employed in travel.
So, how important is travel and tourism on the local level? That very question will be answered during the show.

Paddling along, it seems like where ever there is water, people figure out a new and fun way to enjoy it. This week you'll meet Dan Numann, the owner and operator of Coastal Paddle Boarding. Dan and his wife Rochelle are introding this popular new water adventure to Martin County residents and visitors. Just several years ago you would be hard pressed to find anyone locally that pursued this sport. Today, it is one of the hottest aquatic pastimes anywhere. Suited for young and old alike (Dan claims from age 8 to 80), paddle boarding is a great multi-generational family activity, and Dan also claims, a "chick sport." Radio Man and History Lady love to talk about tourism, but there are times when it is fun to actually experience tourism. So, earlier this week, show co-producers Gary and Misti, along with Robin, took Dan up on his offer to “just get up and paddle," an adventure many visitors and residents are enjoying on Treasure Coast waterways. So how was it? Will they do it again? Would this be something fun to do in the Bahamas? Tune in for those answers and for details on the paddling adventure.

Besides tourism and standup paddleboarding, more fun and informative items are on show menu including Summer Safety Tips for Teen Travel developed by the Road Less Traveled adventure tour company, Bahamas updates and more. And speaking of the Bahamas and travel, Gary and Robin will let you know during the show where Talkin' Tourism will be broadcasting from in two weeks! Hint: Let's go, go, go to A_ _ _ _!

See you Friday Morning…LIVE from the beautiful Courtyard Marriott-Hutchinson Island in Jensen Beach.

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