Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Arts tourism and those dreaded (and often hilarious) Americanisms

Summer arts were in the air with Nancy Turrell, executive director of The Arts Council, this week in the studio. As always, she was not at a loss for words in describing what's happening in the local and regional arts world.

Kicking off the hour, in addition to Nancy describing a sizzling summer Bahamian themed arts event coming up in a couple of weeks at Harbour Bay Plaza, she also brought listeners up to date on the latest news from The Arts Council and all the other arts events slated from mid-summer through autumn.

The real fascination for Talkin' Tourism hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors was exploring the huge economic impact arts and cultural tourism have on the economy. Whether a small town, regional destination, state or country, arts tourism is certainly an economic engine.  As a matter of fact, it has been demonstrated that everyone in a community benefits from a strong arts and cultural commitment, resident and visitor alike.

After "arts and economics class," Robin and Gary ran down a list of money saving tips for those who fly, as well as suggestions (from a Brit’s point-of-view) on Americanisms and why they are potentially irritating. Here are a few samples: use of the word deplane rather than disembark; fanny pack; I’m good for I’m well; takeout rather than takeaway; and having an issue instead of a problem. You get the idea. Some of the Americanisms were downright funny, and others a little scary!

And, as always Gary and Robin ran down a list of events you might want to place on your calendar and Robin's standing "This Week in History" segment.

Here's the audio file for downloading. Enjoy and as always, we're interested in your comments, show topics, and suggestions for remote broadcasts!
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