Tuesday, December 13, 2011

World-Class Marine Anchorage Attracts Artists and Boaters from Around the Globe

The beautiful venue of Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage: a
destination attracting boaters from around the globe.
The broadcast from Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage was a perfect way to acknowledge the importance of our valued seasonal boaters who frequent the Treasure Coast. Harbormaster Buzz Billue set the stage early in the show by sharing Stuart's early maritime history when it served the marine trades and supply lines and eventually becoming a recreational boating destination. Sunset Bay Marina’s transition from an anchorage to a first-class marina is a welcomed evolution. 

In addition to Buzz, also sharing the spotlight were several valued seasonal boaters, including Ken Trepagnier and Dick Harding, who shared how they discovered Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they both share a passion and love for the Treasure Coast. 

Ken Trepagnier, Nancy Turrel, Judy "JP" Nichols,
and Dick Harding combined the topics of marine tourism
and marine art for this week's episode of Talkin' Tourism.
Rusty Hightower, with Massey Yacht Sales and Service, also had high praise for the marina and Stuart area. The point was very well made that marine tourism is a very important part of the area’s tourism product. Pulling it all together, John Smith, representing the Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast (MIATC), explained how the organization works to keep the marine industry strong and vibrant.

Marinas and art do go hand-in-hand as pointed out by Nancy Turrell and Judy “JP” Nichols. Waterfront Wednesdays at Sunset Bay Marina, organized by the Arts Council of Martin County, is attracting marine artists from as far away as the Abaco’s (David Albury the famed model boat builder) to this great waterfront community event. Marine tourism? You better believe it! With as many slips as there are hotel rooms in Martin County, marine tourism is certainly a tourism component to acknowledge and to continue to promote. 

Here's the audio file to the December 9 episode of Talkin' Tourism to bring you up to speed on marine tourism, waterfront art events, and a whole lot more!

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