Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 5 Show Highlights

Guests Sheila Stewart-Leach, Mac McCartney, Ruth McSween and Rolf Snyder filled the show with lots of great information.

Sheila Stewart-Leach shared the history and future of the Maritime and Yachting Museum of Florida. Founded in 1991, the museum houses a number of antique boat engines, boat models, nautical library and more. Listen to the show to learn more about Stuart/Martin County's longstanding boating legacy, Ralph Evinrude's OMC engine testing facility, and plans for future exhibits.

Mac McCartney from the Stuart Heritage Museum offered local history tidbits, and details on the buildings included in this year's 2009 Annual Home Tour. Only 500 tickets will be sold;the tour, scheduled for Saturday, February 14.

Ruth McSween and Rolf Snyder described the history of the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, located on North Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce. Ruth talked about the annual "muster," typically held on Veterans Day, where current SEALS demonstrate maneuvers using real explosives, 'leap frogs' (the original name for 'frogmen') jump (parachute) out of planes, and more.

Listen to the show HERE.
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