Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tales from the BVI and “fish condos” along our beaches

Talkin Tourism is back from the BVI with tall tales and great stories about ten days in paradise.

Listen as host Gary Guertin shares some of the adventures shared by Tortola Lola and “Radioman” during their stay.

“Being a tourist for a change gave new insight as to why everyone involved in tourism on the Treasure Coast needs to continue to focus on becoming a truly fun visitor-oriented destination if we are truly to succeed in our efforts," shared Guertin.

Old navy ships have been deployed for some time along the Treasure Coast serving as “structure” and habitat for marine life as artificial reefs.

Tune in tomorrow, Friday June 12, and meet John Burke, founder and president of the Martin County Artificial Reef Fund along with Kerry Dillion, a professional commercial diver who has played a major role in monitoring past sunken ships as they begin service a “second life” as a marine life habitat or fish condo!

Continuing support of the deployment of artificial reefs along the Treasure Coast will help support the growth of the “diver tourists” seeking a unique underwater adventure.
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