Monday, August 24, 2009

What's a Legendary Diver, Top Resort Manager, Lear Jet Pilot and a Gnome 'Without a Home' have in Common?

ANSWER: They were all on (or mentioned) Talkin' Tourism's live radio remote from Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina on Friday, August 21.

As promised, Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast radio hosts took the show on the high seas (or in this case, high altitude) and broadcast from beautiful Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas.

What a great time! Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina manager Molly McIntosh, Brendal James Stevens of famed Brendal’s Dive Center and Talkin Tourism pilot (for this trip) Steve Postill covered all aspects of the Treasure Coast/Islands of the Bahamas connection.

It was another FLAHAMA(TM) mission of goodwill and more Treasure Coast “dots” were revealed and connected on this trip, including a lady who used to regularly bring her boat to Pirates Cove Resort and Marina, the self-declared “Bahamian Sister” of a local Stuart charter captain, the Grady-White boating group out of Vero Beach, and many more.

Listeners learned how affordable private air charter is to the Bahamas. They also witnessed first-hand a typical island challenge that Talkin' Tourism hosts had to overcome during this week's show (called 'no current--thank goodness for generators).

Special thanks to Molly McIntosh, Linda, John and the entire staff of Green Turtle Club and Marina for their awesome hospitality.

Brendal, we will be back to take that special dive trip we missed this time, count on it!

It’s a great show. Grab a Kalik or a Sand's and enjoy this week’s Green Turtle edition, you won’t be sorry. Download it HERE.

See photos from the trip here:

'See' you on Friday!
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