Monday, August 10, 2009

August 7 Recap: April Castoro, National Marina Day, Filming on the Treasure Coast and Bahamas Challenge to Return!

Here's the recap of the August 7 show and some teases to entice you to listen to the show:

Guest April Castoro, Esquire, a graduate of the Martin County High School’s Academy of Travel and Tourism (now the Academy of Business and Marketing Management with a focus on the Hospitality industry) explained how the Academy shaped her work ethic and ultimately led to her desire to be an attorney. She's pleased to be working in her hometown, and she gave great credit to the Martin County school system.

Surprise guest Jim Knoska, of Yacht Watchman and a participant in National Marina Day, told the listening audience about his company’s unbelievable product that, via the Internet monitors ALL systems on a boat from any location in the world.

Saving the most exciting updates for last, Natalie, Queen of Scots writer/director Brian Carroll gave an update on the feature film, which is being shot on the Treasure Coast. They are more than half way through the filming schedule, and according to Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin, "Having personally screened the rough cut of some of the scenes…it is awesome!"

Why was Earl Miller, the general manager of the Bahamas Tourist Office, and Linville Johnson, the deputy director of religious markets, at Harborage Yacht Club during the week? And why were they also spending time with Tom Colucci, executive director Treasure Coast Sports Commission? Listen to the show and you'll old challenge is getting ready to spring back to life again!

What wild events happened in the Treasure Coast area “This Week in History?" Last, but not least, what famous bear endorsed by the U.S. Department of the Interior celebrated his birthday August 7th and is 65 years old?

Listen to the show and you'll know the answers to these questions and more! Download the show HERE.
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