Monday, April 12, 2010

The new Buzz around Fort Pierce, and your friendly neighborhood pirate

Well, me saucy wenches and scalawags, this week’s show was a-Buzz with excitement, fun and tons of information. It even included a professional pillager of a guest, well-known Treasure Coast privateer Don Pedro Gilberto. For the non-pirating audience out there, a privateer is a pirate who is officially sanctioned by a national power.

Talkin' Tourism on Florida's Treasure Coast had Ed Griffith fill in for History Lady, who went underground to do some special recon for next week’s show. Ed, thanks for a fabulous job once again! First up was Buzz Smyth, self-proclaimed "Tourism Warrior" of Fort Pierce. Buzz proved to be a formidable opponent for Radio Man in the tourism realm, and there is no doubt - he's working his biscuits off to make things happen in Fort Pierce. Listen in and find out what pixie dust he’ll sprinkle around town to help bring in the crowds.

Gary and Ed were pleased to have privateer Don Pedro Gilberto join the fray. A bit of a scalawag, but nevertheless, he really added another dimension to the show. Officially sanctioned by the Treasure Coast region, he reflected on his past days sailing the high seas off the Treasure Coast. In fact, there's still a motherload of booty for our visitors to discover on the Treasure Coast, according to Don Pedro…What say you, Matey? Got a treasure map to borrow, by any chance?

Talkin' Tourism also brought in another VISIT FLORIDA Insider this week, and just like Jill Martin in last week's show, Hilda Mitrani knows how to travel around the Sunshine State. Hilda, an Off-the-Beaten-Path Insider, has a reputation for finding Florida's hidden gems.

Specializing in the lesser-known Florida activities and destinations, Hilda was duly impressed with the area and plans to promote the Treasure Coast in a big way on her VISIT FLORIDA blog. Listen in and hear what Hilda has to say about the Treasure Coast!

Until next time landlubbers, you know where to find those scurvy dogs who talk about tourism - check out the show Fridays at 10 a.m. on WPSL 1590 AM, or log onto!
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