Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road Trippin' with AAA and Moroccan the Kasbah

There 's no question that Americans have a love affair with the automobile. Since the invention of cars, we've passionately scoured our highways and byways, unearthing new experiences and adventures once unimaginable. Our old four-wheeled friend usually stirs up memories of car-packed-to-the-brim family vacations. Without a doubt, culture and lifestyle in the states have been molded by the modern automotive.

Everyone remembers - or was - that brother or sister: “Daddy, are we there yet?...Daddy, I don’t feel so good..." We counted padiddles (cars with one headlight) to pass the time. Stuckey’s and Pedro’s South of the Border billboards, The Berma Shave signs, all of these helped shape our family vacation memories on the open road en route to our personal Wally Worlds.

This week, Talkin' Tourism on Florida's Treasure Coast meets up with Sandy Snyder, who is dedicated to serving drivers on the Treasure Coast. Sandy, who works with the Stuart American Automobile Association, or AAA, can attest that AAA is more than just emergency road service, maps and tour books. Founded in 1902, AAA was a response to the lack of roads and highways suitable for cars, and has evolved from 1,000 original charter members to 50 million North Americans with AAA cards today.  

Our next guests will show how a trip more than 4,000 miles away can help preserve our local history. Sally Dadko and Saadia Tsaftarides will share their efforts to restore the Golden Gate Building, which was constructed in 1925, the year Martin County became Martin County. Sally and Radio Man have a long history of tourism related initiatives, including Martin County International Club. To raise funds for this preservation effort, the group is raffling off a trip to exotic Morocco, complete with a party hosted by Saadia's family! Saadia, who lives in Stuart, will lead a tour of the country, specifically her village, where her family will show how the Moroccans party at her grandfather’s Kasbah!

So listeners, get ready for another wild and informative show. And, by the way, we may even learn where History Lady went when she went underground last week.

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