Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bubba Gump Conch, Radio Man and six tourism experts in Abaco

With summer boating season in full swing, this week’s broadcast from Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour could not have been more timely. Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast set a new show record with six terrific guests jampacked into only one hour.

Our lead guest, Abaco Beach Resort's general manager Bob Kramm, set the stage by describing the amenities, superb dining, entertainment, and diversions to be found at this established boaters' landmark. Harbour Master Chris Higgs then gave the details of their first class marina. How large of a vessel can they handle, what are the controlling depths to the channel, and what level of commitment to customer service does his staff have? Hear it from the man himself.

The name Kevie Thomas is known by hundreds of Treasure Coast sportfishing enthusiasts. Gary and Kevie had a blast reconnecting with boat names and Treasure Coast personalities that have spent time at Abaco Beach Resort over the years either “fun fishing” or competing in world class tournaments. You WILL recognize many of these names. As a matter of fact, one section of their marina was referred to from time to time as “Stuart Place”!

What were guest co-host Ed Griffith’s first impressions of Abaco? Well, Ed has been around the block a few times. By his descriptions, you might want to book a trip to the out-islands soon. The second half of the show was dedicated to island activities such as diving, ecology, the Bahamas National Trust and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Keith Rogers, owner of Dive Abaco!, enthusiastically shared his love of Abaco as a supreme diving mecca. He even shared his “secret find” called Independence Reef and told us all why it's such a special dive.

The Bahamian people care about their environment and the stewardship of their natural resources. Guest Lynn Gape, Deputy Executive Director of the Bahamas National Trust, eloquently explained how the Bahamian government ensures these resources are protected for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. What’s the latest effort? How about a Training Program for Guides for Birding Tours. To wrap things up, Wynsome Ferguson, manager of the Abaco Ministry of Tourism Office, gave listeners some very interesting news…how about a “Companions Fly Free” program!!! Wynsome agreed that with all interested tourism stakeholders working together, both within the U.S. and the Bahamas, everyone benefits.

Thanks are in order for the staff from Abaco Beach Resort from the Talkin' Tourism crew. Special thanks to Bob Kramm, GM, Simon Parr, Resort Engineer, and Everette Coakley, Director of Food and Beverage, for making our stay so special. A big thank you to Coastal Angler Magazine for assisting with the airlift to Abaco via Yellow Air Taxi - we had a smooth, easy trip.

A side note regarding guest co-host Ed Griffith…his new island name is “Bubba Gump Conch”. Next time you see him…ask why.

Another great broadcast with spectacular guests and loads of useful information…enjoy the show!

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