Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tipsy turtles, GPS chaos, and WTF?

Well folks, if you listened to the show or checked out the Talkin' Tourism Facebook page, you know that Radio Man and the Coastal Angler Magazine crew made it safely across the Gulf Stream. However, things didn't go quite as planned. The original plan was to get an early start and reach Marsh Harbour, Abaco by sunset. A late start and a screen light failure on the boat's GPS caused the crew to improvise and pull into the Green Turtle Club on Green Turtle Cay. Since Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast can be done from anywhere (and because of that we've dubbed it pirate radio), there was “no problem, Mon!"  Molly MacIntosh, from the Green Turtle Club, rolled out the red carpet for the wayward sailors.

After a cold chardonnay (or two, but who's counting?) and getting caught up with Molly since the last Talkin' Tourism broadcast from Green Turtle, we were shown to our fabulous comfy rooms (the best beds in Abaco!) and got a good night's sleep. Up at first light, Radio Man prepped for the show, which was hosted in the comfortable Yacht Club lounge.

As we rolled into the show, Captain Angelo described in some detail the crossing and how well the Twin Vee 27-foot center-console performed. You just may want to check out this Treasure Coast made boat!

Lynn Johnson, general manager of the Green Turtle Club, took her turn at the mike and shared with listeners all that Green Turtle Club has to offer their guests— comfortable accommodations, full-service marina, its relationship with Brendal’s Dive Center, terrific food, and friendly, welcoming staff. She also told listeners about the property's great new guest package called WTF (When Turtles Fly--not the expletive!), which offers fabulous discounts to boaters and vacationers.

Coastal Angler Magazine editor Ben Martin and Gary covered a wide range of fishing and Bahamas-related topics of interest for the boater/fisherman headed to the islands this summer. Gary also asked Ben for his opinion on the Deep Horizon Oil Spill.

Fictional fishing guide/fishing report writer Thatch McGuire was also on the show and caused a little controversy. It appears that Thatch and Ben have a little discussion going as to whether or not fishing report writers should have an expense account to cover the libations that may induce fishing guides to “spill da beans” on where the bite is best. How did this controversy get solved? Download the show to get the low-down.

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See you on Friday!
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