Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve, High Above the Atlantic

One of the great things about producing a tourism centric radio show is the good fortune to see so many different places that help make a destination unique and special. Last Friday, Talkin’ Tourism took advantage of the opportunity to broadcast the Christmas Eve show from a Treasure Coast hotel, which is one of the best beach front hotels on the Treasure Coast---the Courtyard Marriott Jensen Beach!! Thanks to the Courtyard's general manager, who is also one of the show's special guest host's, Ed Griffith, the Talkin' Tourism studio was on the top floor in a deluxe ocean view room. Spectacular views!! While we had given guests the day off to celebrate and finish their last minute Christmas shopping, Ed, who showed up to make sure everything went off without a hitch, decided to stay and chat on-air with the crew. That’s the kind of service you can expect at the Courtyard Marriott!

Radio Man and Robin delivered all the preshow planned topics, including the Christmas Wish List for Treasure Coast tourism organizations, when the tourist season really starts, and a Bahamas update. And, just for kicks and grins, Gary threw in a fun session of Christmas Trivia. Unplanned but unveiled was Governor-Elect Scott’s plan to boost tourism in Florida. You will want to hear what appears to be good news for the industry. We will definitely be following that story closely.

And last, Robin shared the recipe of Janet Hutchinson's famous punch served every Christmas open house at the Elliott Museum. Exacty what we need right now to stay warm!

If you missed last week's show and want to be "in the know" on the tourism scene, here's the link to the show's audio file for your listening pleasure! See you this Friday, New Year's Eve, from another fun location on the Treasure Coast!

Enjoy our beachside Christmas views!
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