Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arts, Culture and Hanging Ten!

Chase Roberts cuts back on a wave during the 2010
Stuart Single Fin Showdown. Photo credit: Dick Hall.
There are many attributes that help define the marketability of a tourist destination. Among the most notable of these is a destination’s commitment to arts and culture. Some of the keybenefits of a strong arts and cultural component to a destination and community are:

(1) it generates clean industries;
(2) proliferates small enterprises;
(3) increases people’s pride in the place they live; and
(4) supports the tourism industry and improves the quality of life for residents.

Drilling down to the local level, Nancy Turrell, executive director of The Arts Council, will be in the studio to provide her thoughts on cultural tourism and share with listeners all the nitty gritty on the upcoming ArtsFest, which is produced by the Arts Council. Joining Nancy for this conversation will be Thomas Winter, the award-winning photographer, who is the festival's featured artist this year.

From arts and culture to surfing culture? Absolutely! We’ll bridge this gap with Ohana Surf Shop owner/operator Jordan Schwartz. On the very same weekend as ArtsFest, the third annual Single Fin Showdown surfing contest, which benefits the United Way of Martin County, will be taking place on Stuart Public Beach. A unique event among surf contests, in which competitors use 1970's era vintage surf boards, this competition will bring surfer dudes and dudettes from around Florida. Surfing tourism you ask? Cowabunga! Surfing and the surf culture has had an enormous role in the migration of enthusiasts to the coast and to destinations around the world in search of that perfect wave. Radio Man is looking forward to this conversation!

So, lots of art, culture and hanging ten are in store for you this week, along with the latest tourism info on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and Beyond!).

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