Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tasty Nibbles, Comfort Food, Golf, Wine: What More Could you Ask For?

Well listeners, we did live up to the promised headline for Friday’s show—Fantasies, Wine and a Big Taste (for Tourism). Ensconced at the corner table of our newest show sponsor, Artichoke Café, we covered an escape to a fantasy island, an international wine tasting and a really big food “taste."

The third annual Escape to Fantasy Island event, slated for Saturday, April 9,  was covered in great detail by committee co-chair Tara Biek. If you had only one night to escape to a fantasy island, this is your opportunity! Justin Beard, of the United Way of Martin County covered the role of this non-profit organization in our community.

Adrienne Moore spared no details on the 25th Taste of Success International Wine Tasting and the great work done by Helping People Succeed.

And, Bill Bee CEO of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Palm Beach and Martin Counties, served up a great appeitzer of what to expect at Martin County’s most well-attended food affair—The Big Taste—with the opportunity to play a round of golf beforehand in the Big Golf Tournament.

So, was the burning question—do these organizations market to short-term stay visitors [tourists]—answered? You will have to listen to the show to get that answer, but we can tell you that there were some pretty innovative ways revealed on how these agencies are getting the message out.

At the top of the show, Artichoke Café chef and owner Steve Feder gave our listeners the story on the success of his latest endeavor and the BIG word is that THEY ARE NOW OPEN FOR DINNER! Artichoke Café's menu is all about Steve’s interpretation of 'comfort food.' Take Talkin’ Tourism’s word for it, check it out soon!

The rest of the show covered topics such as fast ferries coming to the Bahamas coming soon, the first Caribbean Tsunami Test with 33 island nations participating, and what Treasure Coast tournament winning captain just won the Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament, which took place recently in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama.

If you missed the show, you can listen to it or download it here. Enjoy!
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