Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inlets, Secret Missions, Summer Vacations, and Sizzling Beaches

With co-host Robin returning from her “mission” to San Salvador, Bahamas, this week we will tap into her experience and learn all we can about the island that is a legend for spectacular fishing and diving, which is also where Christopher Columbus first reached the America. Informants on island relayed back to Talkin’ Tourism headquarters that History Lady and her associate Lynne “experienced the island like a local." Did she find “the man in the blue suit”?  And, who is Elvis? A limo sightseeing tour in an island only twelve miles long and five miles wide? Hmmmm, is there a San Salvador-Treasure Coast-FLAHAMA connection here?

Several days ago (April 26), a public meeting was held to discuss the fate of the seriously shoaling St. Lucie Inlet. If you missed the meeting, Radio Man will share his impressions on the responses of the panel and bring you up to speed on where we may be headed. Does the inlet benefit only a select group of people or do we all benefit from this waterway asset?

Is tourism up in the Family Islands or is it holding its own? A recent report from the Bahamas Out Island Promotion’s Board indicates mixed results. What islands and properties are up, and which ones are “holding their own?"

And, what about those rising gas prices? Will they impact summer travel? In most households, the answer is a loud "YES!" So, it's time to explore alternatives to ensure a summer get-a-way.

Are you staying “in-state” this summer and looking for the best beaches in Florida? We’ll be running down the list of  the top ones in the Sunshine State as ranked by Visit Florida. Categories include the best beach for solitude, family vacation, whitest sand, and most romantic. (Here's the Travel Channel's 5 secret beaches they claim will give you a taste of a lesser-known, less-crowded Florida--and one is very close by.) What kind of beach is your favorite?

All this, and of course, things to do, places to go and people to see on Florida’s Treasure Coast (and beyond) coming up Friday (April 29) morning at 10 a.m.. Tune in on the radio at WPSL 1590 AM. Those out of listening range, can pick up the show on the web at

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