Friday, July 22, 2011

The RV lifestyle in the U.S. and overseas

The RV lifestyle, camping Robin Hicks-Connors style.
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Many years ago, Radio Man’s mom and dad had the urge to travel and hit the open road as alternatives to their Cape Cod weekends. They purchased a 23 foot Kountry Aire trailer and the rest was history. In addition to weekend trips, they made their first trips to Florida with their trailer and Radio Man remembers staying at the Bryn Mawr Trailer Park and Campground on North Hutchinson Island, as well as Yacht Haven Trailer Park in Ft. Lauderdale. This is back in the ‘60’s.

Fast forward to 2011. From those early days, a whole culture has evolved known as the 'RV Lifestyle.' Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin remarked, "Now I think that this is camping Robin Hicks-Connors style!"

Joining radio’s biggest tourism fans Gary and Robin will be John McCluskey, president of Florida Outdoors RV Center. The RV lifestyle as it has come to be known is a very significant travel and tourism sector. Talkin’ Tourism will delve into the history of the RV lifestyle in the U.S and overseas, the current size of the industry and more.

Here are some things we hope we will learn:
  • Who owns RV’s
  • What different types are there
  • What do the cost
  • What is the RV lifestyle all about
  • Where do people go
  • What has been the impact of increased fuel prices
  • What makes Florida Outdoors “different”
  • So what are RV fulltimers, workampers, and how about grey nomads? 
All this and much more on this Friday’s edition of Talkin’ Tourism on WPSL 1590 AM or streaming live at Let’s go RV’ing!

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