Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's sailfish tournament time on the Treasure Coast!

For decades, Stuart, Florida has been known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. As a matter of fact, the early days of tourism promotion in the Stuart, Martin County Florida area revolved around the annual cycle of masses of sailfish that moved through the region from November through February. This tradition continues today. For the next three months, world class captains, anglers and mates will be competing for honor, glory and bragging rights as the sailfish tournament season gets underway along the Treasure Coast. This Friday we will bring you insight into the regional sailfish tournament scene and how the majestic sailfish has molded our region into a major sportfishing destination and tourism generator.

Talkin’ Tourism
resident fishing and boating guru, Ed Killer will be with us at Sailfish Marina on the Manatee Pocket to provide historical perspective on the tournament scene and to share his perspective on this year’s round of tournaments.

The first local tournament, the Finest Kind Quickie will be represented by Krista Chasmar. The youngest tournament in the trio, the "Quickie" has rapidly gained the reputation of being a great event. Next is the Pirate’s Cove Sailfish Classsic, the first tournament in the Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship Series. The Stuart Sailfish Club’s 58th Annual Light Tackle Tournament, one of the country’s oldest, will be represented by Tournament Committee co-chair Char Griggs. The Stuart Sailfish Club is credited with being the first tourism promotion group on the Treasure Coast.
So Talkin’ Tourism fans and fishing fanatics, settle into your fighting chairs (or lounge chairs), drop the outriggers and troll for an informative and fun show. Let’s go fishing!

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