Monday, November 21, 2011

Sailfish Tournament Season is HERE!

Talkin' Tourism co-host Robin Hicks-Connors with the
Treasure Coast fishing experts, Marty Romstadt,
Ed Killer, Capt. Jim Nester, and Capt. Andy Kubiak.
It’s not hard to realize that sailfish tournament season is right around the corner on the Treasure Coast. Dock talk is all about "the bite” and seasoned captains, anglers and mates are heading offshore in increasing numbers to pursue this elusive billfish. It was great to have the Treasure Coast's resident fishing guru, Ed Killer, back behind the microphone. Ed gave a perfect recap of how sportfishing led to the birth of the Treasure Coast's tourism industry. What's even more interesting is why years ago visitors asked commercial fishermen to take them fishing. The answer certainly surprised Talkin' Tourism hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors.

In addition to Ed, representatives from three of the area's major sailfish tournaments carried on the fish talk. First, Marty Romstadt, tournament director of the Finest Kind's annual Sailfish Tournament, The Quickie, gave details on this tournament and how it has grown over the last 10 years. This tournament in a sense is a “tournament within a tournament." What the heck does that mean, you ask? Can you say "Calcutta"? If your curiosity is piqued (or you like Calcutta's) and you missed Friday's show, you can check out all the details by listening to Talkin' Tourism's annual salute to Sailfish Tournament (November 18) show here.

The next tournament in the Treasure Coast sailfish line-up is the Pirate's Cove Sailfish Classic. Celebrating its 24th year, the “Classic” has earned its place among world class sailfish events. Capt. Jim Nester, the Pirates Cove dock master, shared with us why the Classic is classic. 

Next, heading into its 58th year, veteran Capt. Andy Kubiak led the discussion on the the Stuart Sailfish Club’s Annual Light Tackle Tournament. After 58 years, keeping any tournament "fresh" can be a challenge. Not so with the Stuart Sailfish Club! This year they have some great events planned, many that are open to the public. Want to enjoy some tasty chowder? There’s a night for that. Want to attend a luau? Well, there is a night for that too!

Bests of luck to all of the captain’s, anglers and mates who will be competing in this year’s tournaments, and thanks for keeping the sportfishing tradition alive and well on the Treasure Coast. 

See you on the docks!

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