Friday, July 31, 2009

The charm of Stuart, those behind it, and what's to come

Arriving dressed in his very best 'Aloha' attire, City of Stuart Commissioner and Martin County Tourism Development Council member Jeffrey Krauskopf gave listeners a very detailed perspective of why and how the City of Stuart has evolved into the charming, unique and sought after Small Town destination it is today. From the early visions of Andres Duany, community charettes, pink sidewalks, the development of the Stuart MainStreet Program, and a unique waterfront location, to today’s vibrant array of shops, restaurants and a 'classic theatre' bringing celebrated performances to the community, Jeffrey’s years of involvement in our City and County give him enormous historical knowledge.

What’s in store for the future? An exposition centre?? More public/private partnerships such as the new Sunset Bay Marina?? A passenger train depot?? If you listened to this week’s show you’d know.

Kick back, download the show (HERE) and get updated on the Bahamas, Natalie, Queen of Scots filming, plans for a Florida/Islands of the Bahamas Golf Championship Series, and more!
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