Monday, September 28, 2009

Historic Preservation and Bahamian Connection Celebrations

The show that last week was too big for just one station grew again this week as co-host Robin Hicks-Connors was seated at her own desk and computer. Between show notes, broadcast equipment, and show beverages, the set needed a re-design. The new arrangement worked well. Robin has definitely earned her 'headset' as a great show co-host.

As expected, guest Linda Prange, Martin County Historic Preservation board chairman, filled the airwaves with all of the great activities that will be taking place during the month of October, which has been designated Historic Preservation Month for the second year. What does a scavenger hunt and historic preservation have in common? Who is behind this activity and how can you be involved? What home can you visit that is currently undergoing preservation? Learn this and more by listing to this past Friday’s show.

In the mood for the best Bahamian cooking this side of Abaco and lots of island fun and camaraderie? Well the New Monrovia Development Corp. in cooperation with many persons of Bahamian ancestry, which live in our community, are putting on a great party just for you. On the show Cheryl Longoria and Gloria McHardy shared with listeners many very interesting tidbits about the development of the upcoming Bahamian Connection Festival, which started 12 years ago, and how the Treasure Coast is joined at the hip with our friends and island neighbors in the Bahamas. You will even learn what business tycoon, who had a major impact on the future of Florida’s East Coast, played a roll in making this Bahamas/Florida connection!

Thanks to all that listened this week live on their radio or via the live stream on their computer. For those of you just getting the opportunity to listen to the show, thanks for being a fan.
Listen next week and find out who may have been the winner of a great weekend Giveaway Getaway, compliments of Ramada Stuart Hotel by being the first to correctly answer this week’s Question of the Week, which was: What has Martin County designated the month of October as? First correct answer e-mailed to gets the giveaway!

Download the show HERE, and be sure to listen in this Friday at 10 a.m. for another fun- and fact-filled Talkin Tourism on Florida's Treasure Coast.
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