Saturday, September 5, 2009

Show Wrap: Kinja Rules, Movies, a New West Coast-East Coast Connection, and Coastal Angler goes Flahama

Back in the Captain’s Lounge at Harborage Yacht Club & Marina, this week’s show was informative AND entertaining!

As tourism efforts in Martin County and the Treasure Coast continue to grow and mature, it is very important that everyone involved 'know the rules'. In many ways, the Treasure Coast is like the islands, not just in the physical sense with all the waterways, lagoons, rivers, ocean and harbors, but in the sense of governance and how things actually are done in public and behind the scenes. Getting things dones means everyone must know the rules. This is very well illustrated by a Jimmy Buffett song from Don't Stop the Carnival, which was referred to in the show that helps us to understand when and why the rules are 'different' and may (and often do) change from time to time.

This week Talkin' Tourism host Gary Guertin and co-host Robin Hicks-Connors also said goodbye to Martin County Convention and Visitors board member Nicole Wellington, who is moving to Florida's west coast for a new job. Will there be a Florida west coast—east coast connection in the future? Listen to the show for the details.

Now that principal filming has wrapped for Natalie, Queen of Scots, what are the next steps in bringing the independent children’s action feature to a theatre near you? Writer/director Brian Carroll gives more detail on what happens in the post-production stage and what's involved in getting the film ready for distribution.

Looking for fun things to do this Labor Day Weekend? Robin shares her list of top events and activities happening on the Treasure Coast this weekend.

What's new in FLAHAMA? Well, for one, Coastal Angler Magazine launched it's FLAHAMA edition this month and it's beautiful! A huge contingency of advertisers on both sides of the 'Stream' jumped aboard for the inaugural issue. If you're a business in the Bahamas or in Florida, this is a great way to reach potential customers. To learn more, listen to the show and/or visit

Last…thank you Erika (at least so far) for not messing up our Labor Day Weekend!

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