Thursday, September 17, 2009

Island Friend Visits Treasure Coast

Saturday, September 12, Keith Cooper, sales and marketing director at UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island, spent the day on the Treasure Coast visiting the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center.

Hosted by Florida Oceanographic Society's (FOS) executive director Mark Perry, Keith received a 'behind the scenes' tour of the unique eco-education facility, one of Martin County’s most popular attractions.

The listening audience and the Talkin' Tourism team, met Keith on the June 26 show, which was broadcast from Grand Bahama. During that show, Keith talked about his vision of expanding eco-tourism and eco-education for residents and visitors to the Island. The purpose of his visit to the Treasure Coast this past weekend was to see a world-class model of what can be done to protect the island’s fragile coastal environment, and also foster stewardship of the Islands of the Bahamas precious ocean and coastal resources.

A bonus of the trip was to view first-hand the aquaculture program in place at FOS. One vision Keith has for his island and country is to develop an aquaculture program that focuses on the farming of conch, a staple of the Bahamian diet and a real treat for visitors, in order to preserve existing conch stocks for future generations.

Keith also brought along his mom, Cynthia, who is no stranger to the Treasure Coast. Cynthia is the founder of Sisters in the Pot, an very popular caterer of outstanding Bahamian cuisine. Sisters in the Pot can be found at many South Florida events and festivals, as well as at the Stuart Green Market every Sunday.

Talkin’ Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast is extremely pleased to have assisted in once again 'connecting the dots' as we continue to explore the Treasure Coast’s longstanding and ongoing relationship with the Islands of the Bahamas.

NOTE: Cynthia, the conch salad and fritters were wonderful! Thanks!

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