Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booked this Week---Literary Tourism

Certainly by now listeners have come to realize that there are many different types of  tourism—ecotourism, geotourism, sports tourism, heritage tourism and more. As Talkin' Tourism on Florida’s Treasure Coast continues to bring our listeners the latest in tourism trends and information, hosts Gary Guertin and Robin Hicks-Connors will keep you on the cutting edge of this fascinating industry.

What’s up this week? Literary Tourism. No, this does not mean that you have to pass a reading test or create a bibliography before going on your next vacation. Literary Tourism is defined as: a type of cultural tourism that deals with places and events from fictional texts as well as the lives of their authors. This could include following the route a fictional character charts in a novel, visiting particular settings from a story or tracking down the haunts of a novelist.

To explore this tourism segment, Gary and Robin have invited Stuart-based author Paul McElroy to share the airwaves. Paul has penned a number of great mystery novels, which include history, events, places and locations on the Treasure Coast. Some of Paul’s work includes Treasure Coast Deceit, Treasure Coast Gold and Treasure Coast Archipelago. Strap yourself in—Mr. McElroy is quite a character.

Next we'll find out if and how literary tourism impacts Treasure Coast libraries and book stores. Judi Snyder, Associate Director of Public Services at the Martin County Library System, will provide more insight on the library system's annual Book Mania!, which just completed its 16th year.

Each and every Talkin' Tourism helps keep you up on Treasure Coast events and happenings, Bahamas updates, giveaways and lots of fun. You never know what surprises are in store or what unannounced guests might make an unexpected appearance in our studio. Tune in to WPSL 1590 AM or this Friday (Feb 19) at 10 a.m. to enjoy the show (and fun) live from the Captain’s Lounge at Harborage Yacht Club and Marina.
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