Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Share a Little Sunshine Campaign Re-Launching Today

Today in Miami, Governor Crist helped re-launch the Share a Little Sunshine campaign. The Florida tourism industry challenges all Floridians to do just that---Share a Little Sunshine.

The video below tells you why and more details are listed below. To learn more about the campaign and to send an invitation, visit http://www.sharealittlesunshine.org/.

Share a Little Sunshine---The cause? Helping our state's economy by helping encourage tourism - an industry responsible for a million Florida jobs and about a fifth of the state's economy.

How can you help? Send a postcard or invitation to friends or family. It's as easy as that. Each invitation carries with it a special discount or offer - to friends and family of Floridians. So you're not only sharing Florida sunshine, you're also sharing Florida opportunities.

What's in for you? When you love Florida, Florida loves you back. In addition to helping your own state's economy, we'll thank you by entering you to win a Sunshine vacation.

It's really simple. When you send an invitation, the person you invite gets your invitation plus a special offer. You get entered for a chance to win a Florida vacation, and Florida's economy may benefit from another visitor.
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