Friday, February 12, 2010

Entertainment a Big Part of the Treasure Coast

A focus on entertainment is definitely an important feature when prospective visitors select a destination for their holiday (as they say in the UK) or vacation. Believe it or not, there has actually been research done by leading research companies on this matter that proves this observation. The Treasure Coast certainly has a grip on this aspect of the destination product. Today’s guests enthusiastically agreed and are committed to making entertainment a big part of the regional scene.

Guest Renee Page, marketing director for the Sunrise Theatre, eloquently spoke about the history of this landmark located in downtown Ft. Pierce. The original founder/builder of the theatre, Rupert “Pop” Koblegard, who purchased a large amount of land on Hutchinson Island to develop, realized that there had to be an entertainment venue to make the area attractive. History certainly does repeat itself. Learn more by listening to the show.

Next up was the events coordinator of the downtown MusicFest Downtown Stuart, Desiree Bonnie, a former Martin county High School Academy of Travel and Tourism graduate, who along with Chris Frambes orchestrates the monthly MusicFest Downtown Stuart, which takes place every third Friday in Gazebo Park, which is adjacent to the Cultural Courthouse Arts Center on N.E. Ocean Boulevard. This fun, charming event is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike. Desiree is truly excited about her contribution to making Stuart a “fun and entertaining” destination.

Surprise guest, famed Brazilian guitarist, now Martin County resident, Ari Mendez aka “The Boy from Ipanema," who provided the entertainment along with Steve Rose for the “Valentine’s Night in Italy” fundraiser held February 11th at Harborage Yacht Club, was in the studio and played a few licks on the guitar. Talkin' Tourism is going “top 10!" Not really, but it was different! Ari’s family owns and operates several hotels in Brazil. Ari was thrilled to help promote the Treasure Coast to his countrymen in South America.

It was another fun and enlightening show with many other “gems of tourism info” filling the hour.

If you didn't catch the live show, fire up your computer, click HERE, sit back, pour your favorite “boat drink” and escape to the paradise of the Treasure Coast.

NOTE:  Renee Page from the Sunrise Theatre was in the REAL radio studio (WPSL) for this interview, but she kindly supplied the photos below for the post-show blog. This is a group shot of a promotion the theatre did for the Wedding Singer. Six couples renewed their vows at the black box before the show. All the ushers dressed up in wedding gowns. Renee is the bridesmaid. Talk about living theatre!

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