Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to protect your identity when traveling and how Social Media helped travelers (and others) during Hurricane Irene

Earthquake in Virginia, Hurricane Irene blasting through the Islands of the Bahamas headed for the U.S. mainland, man—what a crazy week it was for tourism!

The most recent episode of Talkin' Tourism took a slight turn from the norm (whatever that may be). With Irene just completing her run through the entire Bahamas archipelago the day before show time, a good portion of the show was devoted to getting our listeners up to speed with the state of affairs in this major tourism region. After all, Talkin’ Tourism is 'Radio Free Flahama!'

Despite the enormous threat of Irene, the Bahamas did very well overall and there was lots of good news to share. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all Bahamians for having to experience such a severe storm.

As a special guest, Talkin’ Tourism co-producer and president of Misti Guertin Public Relations, Misti Guertin, was in the studio explaining the major improvement in disaster communications today versus what existed during 1999 with Hurricane Floyd, which nearly took the same path as Irene. During Irene, social media in all its forms allowed persons to communicate specific situations and provide nearly real-time updates much faster than a decade ago. This has made a huge difference in being able to cope during such challenging times. Lots of people who are on Facebook and Twitter now have many more friends and followers than they did before the storm.

Last, Mike Prusinski, the senior vice president of communications for the identity theft prevention company LifeLock called in from their Tempe, Arizona headquarters to advise our listeners how to best prevent identity theft. Identity theft perpetrators are becoming more and more sophisticated and you need to know how to protect yourself. Hi-tech can now be hi-crime.

Unfortunately, WPSL had an equipment malfunction while recording the show, resulting in this episode's audio track being lost. So if you missed the show, you really missed the show. Bummer. We've provided links to LifeLock so that you can learn more about identify theft prevention. Also, your local AAA Travel Club South office should also be able to provide more information.

See you on Friday with another information-filled and entertaining hour of Talkin' Tourism!

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