Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nautical Flea Market and Shrimp Festival spurs tourism and raises funds for two non-profits

Julie Lentine, Robin Hicks-Connors, Rick Allen & Gary Guertin
post-show at the inaugural Treasure Coat Nautical Flea
Market and Shrimp Festival.
Our trip to the Martin County Fairgrounds in Stuart, Florida for the live remote from the Treasure Coast Nautical Flea Market and Shrimp Festival was a great success!

Broadcasting live, just hours after the festival opened, organizers Rick Allen of Allsports Productions and Julie Lentine of Unique Events Florida were just bubbling with enthusiasm. When Talkin' Tourism arrived,  vendors were set and ready to go, and the restaurants and food vendors were firing up the grills. It was “show time!" 

Rick and Julie described how  the Treasure Coast Nautical Flea Market and Shrimp Festival came together to produce a fun three-day weekend for locals and visitors alike. After a quick poll of arriving attendees, it became quickly evident that local events, such as this one, do attract attendees from a broad region.

What also makes these events true community events is the fact that frequently proceeds benefit local charities. This was no exception. Barry Stern, coordinator of the Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation, clearly described how proceeds earmarked from the festival will benefit the foundation. Another local beneficiary was the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the Treasure Coast and Ken Coe gave listeners a little more information on the organization and its services. Surprise guest Darryl McGill, a member of the Martin County Fair Association, jumped into the mix and let listeners know about the upcoming Martin County Fair BBQ Fest.

Bahamas updates, including a great incentive for boaters launched by the Bahamas Out Islands Promotion Board, Eco-tourism courses for Treasure Coast boat captains, and more rounded out this week’s show. 

If you attended the Treasure Coast Nautical Flea Market and Shrimp Festival we know you have a great time. We sure did!

Here's the September 16 Talkin' Tourism show audio file if you missed the show! Next show...we're back on the road and hitting an "island destination." Details to come.

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